Meet Rory

A few months ago, I was approached by a friend who needed parents to review a product for a client of hers. I volunteered because, at the very least, my kids will have destroyed something that I didn't pay for. This is always a positive look on getting free stuff. The bonus here is that not only is it intact, but it's likely to stay that way! Yay!

Meet Rory. (This is what we named him. 


Meet Rory! He's a Dream Team Sleep Defender. He's got a badge and everything.


Rory is a part of the Dream Team Pets, and is designed to help your kids feel more secure about bedtime. Bedtime can be scary for some kids, and I think these pets are a great idea. The bonus is the "instructional" bedtime story that teaches kids how to "train" their new pet protector. Galen is 3, and Ashley is 22 months, so I don't think this was aimed quite at their age levels, but they both LOVE Rory. We've had him for just under a month, and he's been cuddled at naptimes, bedtimes, sick, well, cold, sweaty, and everything in between. He's not matted and gross, he isn't pilly, and his hair hasn't fallen out. (Yes, I DID machine wash him, even though the tag said surface wash. Sometimes, diapers leak. You can't get that smell out of stuffing. And I air fluffed him dry.)
As far as tactile goes, he's made of super soft materials. If I had a blanket made of whatever the fur is made of...I would never, ever, get out from under it. And for the mane to stay silky and not tangle is a definite bonus. That was actually a big fear when I went to wash it, and I'm glad it was an unfounded one.

They may not be old enough to "train" him to be a good sleeping companion yet, but they do adore him, and I'm surprised at how good they are at sharing him. They don't even share blocks when they're building. 

Ash gets all kissy-faced with Rory


Overall, I would totally recommend Dream Time Pets. I'm probably going to end up buying the dog and the cat so we have a complete set. They're not that expensive ($20 on Amazon), and, from what I can see,  they're quality product. Rory survived my children, I'm sure that they'll survive yours!


Galen "reading" the instructions


And the book that comes with them is actually pretty kid-friendly. Galen likes it, we just have to keep it up and away from Ash, because he seems to think paperboard is a delicacy. 





I didn't read this aloud, nor did Galen read my blog (he's 3), yet, I feel like he got the information somehow, and decided that he needed to snuggle Rory while watching his show...and bit his tail off. *sigh* I'm sure that, if your child doesn't bite the tail off, your Dream Team Defender will stay intact. Now, to wait for the parts to dry and sew it back on.


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