Solaria: An Off-Grid Earthship in Taos

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Taos is very different from your usual Small Town USA. We have art, among other things. Boy, do we have art! And all manner of artists who create it. Sometimes it seems like everyone who lives here, no matter what they do for money, is an artist on some level. This is a good thing, rather than a competitive thing, because it makes for a pool of creative thinkers and doers. Like anyplace, Taos has its problems, but lack of creativity is certainly not one of them.

A friend of ours bought an Earthship several years ago, and has been lovingly decorating "her" from ceiling to floor all this time. She's turned bare mud walls into glowingly layered waves of color, and shifted the interior from "Taos Hippie" to Earthship Chic. 

Her love of mosaic surfaces all over the "ship," adding brilliant facets of light, color and pattern, and turning the off-grid, sustainable, sensible dwelling into more of and Earthen Palace. The term "jewel box" is often used in describing beautiful homes, but has never been more appropriate than it is for the beautiful Solaria.

Solaria is the Earthship's name. And now, lucky you, you can stay there on your next visit to Taos. If you've never been here, well, I think you should consider it.

We have, as I said, art and artists, great restaurants, skiing, hiking, river rafting, and all sorts of other outdoor sports. We have scenery and light that will make you want to be an artist too. And we have the strange and wonderful Earthship community out there on the mesa, just a few minutes from town, but far enough out to overlook the entire world.

There are several Earthships available for vacation rentals out there, but Solaria is by far the most beautiful. Visit her website, see for yourself, and let me know when you're coming to Taos. You can't stay at my house, but I'll meet you in town for coffee... if you can tear yourself away from your haven on the mesa...


See you soon!


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