Meeting bloggers, reading blogs and Vegan News You Can Use (4/7/13)

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by JL FIELDS on APRIL 7, 2013

Good morning! I am a teeny bit giddy today because I do not have one single thing planned. Which isn’t to say I don’t have lots to do (oh, I do!) but I don’t have to beanywhere. Don’t you love days like that?  Before I dive into writing, editing, and class prep - and hopefully a long hike before the weather turns - I wanted to share a weekly news and links post with you.

Before I get to that I wanted to talk a little about blogs.  Yesterday I met fellow blogger Barb, of That Was Vegan? for lunch. We have read each other’s blogs for a long time, met briefly in Colorado Springs last fall, and finally made a point to grab lunch at a half-way point from our homes.  We met at Old Stone Church in Castle Rock. What a gorgeous building! The wait staff were super-friendly and eager to accommodate our vegan requests. We both opted for a big salad filled with nuts, fruit and lots of fresh greens + my request for a little avocado.

Lunch Salad at Old Stone Church, Castle Rock, CO

The best part of lunch was that we hung out for two and a half hours and just talked and talked (and laughed and laughed).  We shared stories from our vegan journey, about writing about it publicly and ultimately we came up with a really fun idea to help other vegans. It’s too soon to share it here but I am truly excited about it!  

Speaking of reading blogs, last month I mentioned that Google Reader, a very popular way to subscribe to and read blogs, will be defunct after July 1.  I mentioned that 2,500 of you read my blog via Google Reader and asked you to consider following my blog with Bloglovin, an alternative reader. Goodness, nearly 500 of you are reading me on Bloglovin now! Thank you! I also offered an alternative – simply sign up for my email list and get my blog posts delivered directly to your inbox. Well lots of you signed up and nearly 900 of your are now receiving my blog posts via email. Thank you!

Today I wanted to tell you about another reader:  I read hundreds of blogs and this reader is a game changer!  Why?  Presentation, presentation, presentation!  I use Feedly on my iPad for the most amazing magazine-like reading experience. I enjoy my favorite bloggers’ photos even more. I casually flip through pages. Instead of turning the corner down of page of a magazine to read later I simply tag it and it goes into a “save for later” file.  If you currently use Google Reader simply go to and allow access to your google account – it will transfer your blog subscriptions seamlessly!  If you are new to using a reader to read blogs (do it! you will love it!) simply go to, set up an account and start subscribing to blogs.  You can add my blog easily by selecting “Add Content” and pasting this url: Soon you’ll be flipping through crisp, clear content on your computer, via Computer

smart phone, on iPhone

or iPad!

JL goes Vegan on via iPad 1

JL goes Vegan on via iPad 3

As a new vegan I received so much support, information and education reading vegan blogs and I always encourage my clients to read blogs. For some it feels overwhelming – I even hear fellow bloggers say “I don’t have time to read blogs” – and I think using will help you manage the massive amount of content out there and enjoy a new learning and reading experience.

Now, how about some news?

This week’s vegan links and news [click to continue to the news!…]

JL Fields is co-author of the forthcoming Vegan for Her: The Women’s Guide to Being Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet and writes the blog JL goes Vegan.


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