Meeting Laila

Where to begin? Today was wonderful! We finally got to meet Laila. She was just as beautiful as I had hoped she would be. She has a smile that can light up a room. We got to McDonalds a few minutes early to discover that the playplace was closed! When Laila and her social worker arrived we decided to go to Burger King so the kids could play together.

At first, she was acting a bit shy and hiding behind the social worker but it didn't take long for her to warm up to us. I think having kids her own age there helped her to feel more comfortable. She and Clay, our bio son, chased each other and had tickle fights. Then she teamed up with our daughter, Elizabeth, to chase him some more. They all played great together.

At one point everyone was thirsty so my husband offered to go get us all drinks. He asked her if she wanted to go up to the counter with him and help. She very quickly said yes and off they went. I thought that was a good sign. She trusted him enough to walk away from her worker with him. It was very sweet.

I do think she will be a handful. She is very hyper and a little sassy. Like my son, she doesn't have a volume control. These are all things that are pretty common for a 5 year old though. I'm not worried about it. Right now she is in a home with little structure and few clearly defined boundaries. I am sure she will see how far we can be pushed because that is what kids do. We are pretty good at the whole consistency thing so I think we are up for it. Kids really crave boundaries and security. I think she will adjust very well. I know one thing for sure- she has already won my heart.

When it was time for our playdate to be over I was sad that she had to leave. The worker asked her if she'd like to come play with us again one day soon and she said yes. I am supposed to call the social worker tomorrow to set up a full day next. I hope it's soon. I'm ready to make this permanent. The social worker promised to take her to the store for some lip gloss after they left us. It made me think that soon that will be my job.

After we left, we asked the kids what they thought. They overwhelmingly approve of their new sister, even if she doesn't know she's their sister just yet. I agree with them. I keep thinking about that smile and it warms my heart. I can't wait until I'm her mommy. It will be a blessing and an honor.

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