Meeting Nancy Pelosi (When Women Succeed)

This year, Thanksgiving has been a particularly interesting week. It started the week before, when I got a phone call from a person at a local advocacy group for moms. 

Turns out, while I was signing one of those petitions, and clicked on one of those "Share your Story" links...someone actually read my story. They read my story, and then when Nancy Pelosi came to town, called on me to speak on a panel with her. 

When I was asked if I was available, if I'd be willing, and all that, I said "YES!!". 

Monday, just about four days before today, was when the event was. It was also following our first night staying at our new house, that we have been moving into/toward for about a month and a half or so.

Yes, life is interesting. I shared my story about trying to find with while having three kids, trying to find childcare, and eventually, with the job I just took, my husband choosing to leave his. Nancy Pelosi herself thanked my husband (who was there in the front row with our three kids) for being a good role model.

All this happened because when I signed one of those petitions about making life better for moms/women/families, I shared my story. Please share your story, good things can come of it!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

-- :: Moving Forward...


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