Meetups; Rick Falkvinge, privacy and copyright concerns.

Meeting Rick Falkvinge was truly a privilege. What's he managed to do in such a short time is nothing short of miraculous; as the founder of Sweden's first Pirate Party its impressive they now boast representation in the European Parliament. Rick

Rick's success emphatically highlights the momentum behind his movement, in particular, the youth.  Privacy issues, copyright concerns, these issues hit the kids hard. No worries; they'll be voting soon enough.

It's almost as if you have two entirely separate spheres of content; the typical incurious mainstream model; CNN, Fox and MSNBC and the the alternative media; on the right, Alex Jones, on the left Amy Goodman. (I'm sure both would be highly surprised to find how much of their civil rights coverage overlap).

I may have grown up digesting the mainstream but gravitate towards alternative, its appears to be the only way to obtain comprehensive data, the only way to allign my news info with what I've experienced along my business ventures and personal travels.

 Rick's article; With Napster banking around the corner, explains away what's on the horizon.  Just as our governments clamp down on civil liberties and ramp up the fear based nonsense, several movements are happening all over the globe.  Whoduthunk a Tunisian street vendor would set himself on fire and spark a spring revolution; our trillion dollar intel community certainly didn't. 

But there are movements, there are positive signs that intellectually lazy and all too often self-serving politicians will be challenged by smart activists, by fearless guys like Rick. This provides hope and inspiration that the people have power, some kind, any kind, still. 

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