Christine Mikesell

I'm a full time physician, a more than full time mommy to a toddler, and a beauty blogger!  I obviously don't have a lot of time on my hands, but I have a REALLY hard time not giving in to my super high maintenance ways.  I'm forever trying to streamline my beauty routine.  Sometimes not very successfully.

Letting My Inner Vampy Polish Shine Through

While I've always been a beauty junkie, for a long time I was a bit... traditional. Safe choices that didn't really draw too much attention. Conservative. Only ivory and taupe eye shadow. Pink lip gloss. Oh, and I had a pretty decent collection of pale pink polishes. Well, the truth was that while I was super conservative at work, I wasa bit more daring at home. The trouble was, with my long work hours, there was a lot more time at work than at home....more
When I was working I would wear something more subdued if I had to go and make a client ...more