Jennifer Evers

I'm Jennifer, a 40-something blogger and small business owner living in the Chicago suburbs with my two young daughters and a DVR full of reality television shows. I blog about my life at Me, Myself and Jen - single parenting, recipes, crafts and home projects, crazy things my children do, travel, community events, and those wacky "Real Housewives".

I'm also a social media specialist, providing social media marketing, training, and event promotion through my consulting business, MM&J Consulting.

5 Unconventional BlogHer '14 Tips That You Simply Must Follow

DISCLAIMER: If you are looking for a “Are you ready for BlogHer?” post that talks about things that you should do to your website, how many business cards to order, and what types of shoes to pack for the maximum amount of comfort during the conference, this isn’t it. I repeat, THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL “GETTING READY FOR BLOGHER” POST. ...more
Still trying to figure out what a chevron is that doesn't involve gasoline, LOL.more

Taking Kids to See the Raunchy New Seth Rogan Movie 'Neighbors?' Who Does That?

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to see the new Seth Rogan – Rose Byrne – Zac Ephron comedy Neighbors and I still haven’t been able to shake a few things I saw in the theatre.I’m not talking about the movie itself (I’ll get to that in a minute).  I’m talking about the actual people that were IN the audience of an R-rated movie at 7pm on a Friday night. Image via Universal Studios ...more
Agreed.  Once you figure out it's not appropriate, don't you leave?  Movie theaters will usually ...more

I'll always Listen To Your Mother, Chicago

The 3rd edition of the Chicago “Listen To Your Mother” production is complete and to say I was blown away by this year’s show is an understatement.  While I wasn’t a part of the cast this year (you’ll remember that I talked about the audition process in an earlier post), I went to the show to not only support my friends Melisa and Tracey...more

It's Time to Move On

My house went up for sale this morning.It’s a voluntary choice – one that I made with a lot of tears and soul searching.  This is the only home that’s ever had my name on it.  The only home my two small daughters have called ours.  It’s the place where I built a life together with their dad.  The place I brought them home from the hospital to, standing in the front yard next to the stork that announced their birth.   This house has seen every bit of my life in the last eleven years....more

Parent Dilemma: Are Sleepovers A Good Thing?

Recently I received an email from the mother of one of my second-grade daughters classmates.  In it, she talked about the upcoming birthday of her child, how she was hosting a sleepover party, and would my daughter be able to attend on such-and-such a date....more

This single mothers world does not look like a Tyler Perry movie

As I shared with you several weeks ago, I submitted a piece for the 2014 Chicago Listen to Your Mother show.  And while I was going to wait until closer to Mother's Day to share it with you, a recent episode of Oprah's "Lifeclass" and the release of Tyler Perry's new movie, ...more

Casting would like to thank the Academy® too!

I adore movies and nothing excites me more than Oscar Sunday!  I have spent months seeing as many of the nominated films as possible.  I’ve spent hours debating the merits of this years nominees with my friends and in the social media landscape.  My DVR is set to begin watching pre-event, Red Carpet coverage as soon as it begins.  I’ve printed my ballot and my selections have been made.  There is just one thing missing.My selection for the Best Casting in a Motion Picture.  Why?  Because this category doesn’t exist....more

Smoking: Confessions of a Former Smoker

Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I was a smoker.It’s been 6 years since I had my last cigarette.  And if I picked one up today, I’d be a smoker again by the time I finished it....more

Biggest Loser Finale: What Happened to Rachel?

Immediately, my Twitter stream was on fire with comments of concern for Rachel. Was she healthy? Why did she look SO THIN? Was she sick? Did the process of being on the show somehow trigger an eating disorder? What did she do to herself??...more
I really enjoy this show but was also alarmed when I saw Rachel. I uttered out loud "scary ...more