Janel Mills

I'm Janel, an academic librarian raising three beautiful little girls with her beardedly gifted husband. Surprisingly, killer research skills and a knack for literary analysis have not helped me figure out how to get those kids up,dressed, and out the door on time in the morning. I write about raising a princess, a wild child, and the happiest baby on Earth using as many curse words as possible.

I Made the Worst Haul Video in the History of Haul Videos

After I had kids, my grandma would always sign my birthday cards with “spend this on...more

Parent Like There’s No One Watching

My friend told me once that I could find the silver lining in anything. ...more

It’s Been Real, Diapers.

Once again, it’s time to experience that ancient parent-child ritual that’s such a joy for all parties involved: potty training. I really take issue with the phrase “potty training”, because so far, despite guiding three children through this particular patch … Continue reading → ...more

Reflections on Becoming a Prom Queen in Your Mid-Thirties

A few weekends ago I went to Baltimore for the BlogU conference that I’ve NEVER EVER talked to you about. ...more


Today was the last day of school for the big girls. ...more

A Girl, a Guinea Pig, and the Best Prom Picture of All Time

Let’s all hop in our Super Happy Fun-Time Machine and travel allllllllllllllllll the way back to that golden era of human civilization: the late 90s. ...more

Anyone Who Has Ever Seen Me Perform at Karaoke Knows That Giving Me a Stage and a Microphone is a Bad Idea

Last fall, I sat down for lunch with a blogging friend whom I’d known for years but never had the chance to actually meet in person. ...more

The Bus

Some days, I love the bus. On those days, I get back in time from dropping Phaedra off at school to help Bella get ready. ...more

An Open Letter to the Person Who Invented the Crane Game

Dear Sir or Madam (although my gut tells me you are a Sir), I’m writing to you after yet another disappointing experience with your awful invention. ...more