Abby Raines

Thinking, spiritual, mother with a mouthful of words to share. 

By day I am a public servant working for the county as a Health Inspector, and by night.. I'm super mom to a beautiful, charming, wonderful and nearly perfect toddler.   (Aren't they all?)  I tend to write about what I am thinking about and so you can expect to find a lot of mommy posts, and a lot of career posts and a lot of religion (ahem.. from a christian perspective) and lately a lot of fitness posts.

Fitness?  Yeah I've recently decided that maybe carrying an extra 100 pounds wasn't such a great idea after all, so I've undertaken an effort to lose it.  To my credit, 33 of those unwanted pounds disappeared rather quickly and now I am just working to keep the momentum.


Why I want a church home.

After I posted on Facebook about my experiences with a local church congregation, I had several people contact me.  Some to encourage me and apologize for the church in general and others to say, “Why do you put yourself through this? Why not just worship God in your own way? Why put up with organized religion at all?” I thought about it a while and this is my response to both groups of people. ...more