Acorn dreaming

Megan Howard writes at, a chronicle of her life and all the beautiful, crazy people who inhabit it, including her ADHD son, Ace, her old soul daughter, Tink and her husband, IT Guy, that liar who used to wear tights.  Megan also in an adjunct writing professor, teacher of Irish Dance and student of muay thai kickboxing. She tweets, too! @acorndreaming

No, I Don't Dye My Eyebrows - They Are That Dark

Despite my concern about a masculine uni-brow, I didn't pluck my eyebrows until I was well into adulthood. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was the memory of my mother gently smoothing down my eyebrows and telling me my eyebrows were beautiful that I was beautiful. ...more

My eyebrows are dark too.Your post is great.more

I Am Medically Uninsurable ... Because of a Sprained Ankle

I am medically uninsurable. I know this because two different companies -- CareFirst and Aetna -- have declared it so in the past two weeks. I am medically uninsurable because I went to the doctor for my sprained ankle. Don't go to the doctor if you want health insurance. ...more

I'll put it right out there and state that I am a conservative. However, I have also been put ...more

I Am the Acorn: What I Learned at BlogHer '10

"Hi, I'm Megan. I blog at An Acorn Dreaming. What's it about? Well... um... I write about, you know, my life and my kids and, um, stuff like that. It's a personal blog. Kind of a slice of life thing, you know. The acorn? Oh, that's a symbol of potential, you know, like the possibility to become something big like an oak tree. So, uh, I'm the acorn, you know, growing and stuff..." Yes, I actually said that. I actually said that countless times at BlogHer, and it sounded stupider each time. ...more

Congratulations on finding your purpose!

I enjoy the readership numbers and comments; they ...more