AddieLove says... Whats the deal with diapers?

AddieLove says.. whats the deal with diapers these days? So im from the midwest and a box of pampers is almost 25$!! I love them, dont get me wrong but with a family of 8 and only one income, it gets hard to afford things like this! So the man of the house decieded to switch to the walmart brand "parents choice" and let me tell you, im a parent and these are NOT my choice!!! We use the overnight diapers now that my little one no longer wakes up in the night for a midnight change. And this boy oh my can he fill a diaper up overnight!! ...more

AddieLove says...Six kids, one mom, and a messy messy house! What is the appropriate age for chores?

AddieLove says.... am I putting too much responsibility on my children? Ive recently run into some people that disagree with the fact that I have my children doing household chores. Keep in mind, I have six kids. A ten year old two seven (almost eight) year Olds, and two four year Olds. My ten month old cant exactly contribute much aside from his charming smiles and giggles of encouragement :) but I honestly don't feel that I'm asking too much of them. They aren't asked daily but three or four days a week. Except their bedrooms which are cleaned every day. Here is our chore list....more

AddieLove says.... Hello BlogHer#

Well hello there BlogHer world! I'm Addie<3 I'm just gonna start off and tell you a little about myself. I'm 22 and I live in the Midwest. A mother/stepmother of six amazing children. One ten month old boy ,Two four year old girls, an eight year old girl and boy, and a ten year old girl. I have an amazing live in boyfriend who works and supports our family while I stay at home and play the house wife role. I love my family and they tend to be the main topic of my conversations. Parenting can be so many different things all at once that with six kids every day is a rollarcoaster ride....more