Stephanie Precourt

Writer, director, producer, mom of four.  I write about my life with them and everything else in between. 

Online Content Manager for Listen To Your Mother, former Director & Producer of Listen To Your Mother Northwest Indiana, video blogger at's award winning Mommalogues. @babysteph on Twitter.


I Wish My Mom Grades Were Straight A's, But I Have a C- Average

I wonder if my kids think all moms are just not morning people. I can pack a lunch in record speed. From the time the bus rounded the corner of our street, before it stopped in front of the house, I had made a sandwich and included a vegetable, fruit, and dessert, and still kissed him I love you. But I want better for them. I don't want to be the last one out of bed....more
Now that I am an empty nester I have lost all sense of organization. I realized that the past 23 ...more