Tina Tobin

Tina Tobin is the creator and owner of LuvEmOrLeavem.com, an interactive relationship advice site for  women centered around answering the question "should she Luv'em or Leave'm?"  Tina is a work from home mom balancing family and work while trying to squeeze in time for hiking and mountain biking.  Her goal for her business is to provide a useful but fun way for women to get and give unambiguous advice. Tina holds a BA in communication as well as an MBA in marketing.

Why Do Women Get Involved With Married Men?

In previous posts we've tackled the issue of why women stay married to men who have cheated.  These women generally have invested a lot of time and emotion into their marriage and many have children to consider, so I can understand why they would make excuses for these men even though I could never bring myself to stay with a cheater.  What I find much harder to understand is the women that get involved with, and often stay with these married men. ...more

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