Aging Mommy

Hi there - I'm a 46 year old first time SAHM to my 3 year old daughter. It's taken me 3 years to unscramble the mess my brain became and get my head sufficiently above the parapet of daily life in Mommyland, where whether or not my precious little one had filled enough diapers that day became a matter of the utmost importance, to decide to do something new. Clearly at this point in need of professional therapy (after all who else considers traffic lights a blessing and a wonderful Mommy aide?) but not being able to afford it I decided to start writing a blog about life as a Mom. So my blog is all about life with my daughter, the fun and frustrations and my sometimes crazy musings on this new life. I also hope through writing my blog to meet new people and expand my current social network which these days is basically driven by my daughter and consists of play dates, story times and other such exciting soirees.

New to BlogHer, this group and Blogging

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