Soul Mates: The myth of happily ever after

They told me after he rejected me that all my spiritual instincts were wrong.  They said that if we were really soul mates, it would be impossible for him to not recognize me as his soul mate, that if there really was what I sensed about him between us, that we would automatically live happily ever after, as if FINDING your soul mate were enough to make the Cinderella dream come true. ...more


I was raised evangelical "born-again" christian and raised with a fiercely "pro-life" point of view which I kept long into my adult years, after I converted to Wicca and came to follow the calling of my heart with the Goddess.  All of my family remains "born again" and as fiercely pro-life as I was as a teenager -- before I knew there were other religions besides Christianity. ...more

Hope for Elendil?

Last night my baby cockatiel, Elendil, fly out the door of my townhouse apartment here in Oakhurst, Johnstown.  She was on her playgym in the living room and, before I knew anything, took off and flew right past my ear as I was throwing some garbage away in the outside can. I just moved to Johnstown not quite two weeks ago.  I have not lived in an apartment with an entrance directly to the outside since 1999.  So my skills at dealing with storm doors and regular doors have completely dropped off. ...more

Review of the Swiffer Sweeper: Hype, not Clean

We've all seen the commercials for Swiffer products.  They promise us cheap, quick, effective cleaning that enable us to spend more time doing the things we would rather do. These advertisements are so pervasive that a couple of weeks ago I succumbed, especially thanks to a coupon in the local Sunday paper.  I was halfway through my move to my new apartment in Johnstown and needed some sort of cleaning tool for the everyday stuff. ...more

Epidemic of ADD/ADHD: Could a shift in education remedy "problem" kids?

The number of children, mostly boys, diagnosed with ADD or ADHD is increasing every year.  As an undergraduate psychology student at the University of Nebraska in the 1990s I vividly remember my professors talking about ADD and ADHD as disorders on the rise and how to recognize them. ...more

Theocratizing America: Is there room anymore for Human Rights in America?

American democracy with its focus on equity and fairness for all is now more ideal than reality. Gone is our value in a secular society where people of all faiths worship with equal treatment by the government and without persecution.  As a Wiccan minister and high priestess (with a marriage officiant license for the City of New York), I am very concerned with 2012's trend towards theocracy and away from democracy. ...more

The price of unemployment paralysis

I've been unemployed for three and a half years.  In that time, only ONE two month temp job -- at the US Census -- has come my way.  I've been on less than 10 interviews total and seriously broke the big toe on my left foot trying to go to one when the security door to the office ran over it.I've moved three times as a result of my unemployment.  First to a tiny studio in Midwood Brooklyn, then to stay with a friend in Cresson, Pennyslvania, and finally to my current apartment in Oakhurst Johnstown, Pennsylvania....more

Romney Loves Big Bird -- While Vowing to Kill Him!

During the presidential debate tonight Mitt Romney proudly proclaimed, "I love Big Bird" while also complimenting PBS' contributions to our society -- including "The News Hour."But the other half of his sentence vowed to end government subsidies to public television.That means no more Big Bird. No more Sesame Street, no more Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, no more "News Hour"... the list goes on and on....more
Okay people...let me make this clear to you. PBS  as a whole received about 400 million in ...more

All I want is ONE channel with my internet!

Moving is stressful.  Not only do we have countless boxes to pack and unpack, but moving involves setting up or moving utilities, television, internet, and other services.Moving is also expensive as we work to re-arrange and re-fit our previous lives into our new spaces -- bigger and smaller. Of these hassles, probably the area that creates the most stress is the establishment or changing of basic services --including and especially television and internet. ...more