Aji is a wiisaakodewikwe, a woman of mixed-raced ancestry (Anishinaabe, Irish/German, and African American).  A contributing editor at Native American Netroots and a blogger at DailyKos and her own site, she writes regularly on NDN and tribal issues; women's issues; the environment; and law, politics, and public policy.  She also maintains the site for her spouse's gallery, where she also writes about Native American art.

Sovereignty for Native Women: The Tribal Law and Order Act

On Friday, July 30, President Obama signed into law the Tribal Law and Order Act.  It's a milestone in tribal law:  legislation that works to protect Native women by supporting tribal sovereignty –- and thereby enhancing personal and sexual sovereignty, as well. One in every three Native American women will be raped at least once during her lifetime. ...more
Superficially, the The Tribal Law and Order Act sounds good, but the Federal Government of the ...more