Hearty Vegan Kale, Butternut, and Barley Soup from Cafe Johnsonia

Lindsey from Cafe Johnsonia is trying to work out a compromise with her husband on the question of whether or not to eat meat, but she reports that this lovely meatless soup with kale, butternut squash, and barley was one that pleased both of them. All three of the main ingredients in the soup are also high on my personal list of food faves, so I think this sounds like a great soup to recommend this week for Meatless Monday! ...more
some just don't like the fake meat idea so a hefty salad with beans, greens, nuts, mango and ...more
: Has anyone ever used a neti pot? My sinuses are KILLING me!

Blooming Humans

I subscribe to several kind of "woo-woo" emails. I live in Taos, remember? We're like that here. I guess I'm sort of like that anywhere I go, but it's more encouraged here than in a lot of places. This morning I was greeted by several inspired emails that were all saying more or less the same thing, and all tied in, at least loosely, with my Hoop Dreams post from yesterday. It seems that nurturing our dreams is a popular theme these days. Well, you know me. I'm all for that!...more



How wonderful to know we are all syncing this way as we are creating ...more

: Hi I'm new here... still trying to walk my way around this blog mall..Hope to see many of you visit me I love conversation and discussion.

Finding Balance As We Age



Ricky: Hear you and fully believe we need to become more independent ...more