Alanna Kellogg

Alanna Kellogg is the second-generation author of Kitchen Parade, a food and recipe column that features seasonal recipes for every-day healthful eating and occasional indulgences where Quick Supper recipes go easy on the clock, the budget, the waistline and the dishwasher. Weight Watchers love the Weight Watchers recipes too. 

Alanna is also the Veggie Evangelist at A Veggie Venture, where for an entire year, Alanna cooked a vegetable in a new way every single day and now writes Asparagus to Zucchini veggie inspiration. Weight Watchers love A Veggie Venture too, because all the zero-point, one-point and two-point recipes are collected in the Weight Watchers recipes.


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Summer Corn Bread with Fresh Blueberries

The Recipe: A real seasonal treat, a skillet of warm corn bread studded with fresh blueberries. It's what summer is all about ... For some years now, I've tossed fresh blueberries into summer skillets of corn bread ....more

Vegetables 101: What Is a Tomatillo? What Are Tomatillos?

So many vegetables, so many that are unfamiliar! This is the latest in an occasional series of posts, quick, easy and practical information about out-of-the-ordinary vegetables. Recipe suggestions included! ...more

Finnish Fruit Tart (Rahkapiirakka)

The Recipe: My first and very favorite fruit tart recipe, Finland's traditional fruit or berry tart, called "rahkapiirakka" [RAH-ka-PEE-rah-ka] in Finnish. It was my very favorite dessert when I lived in Finland as an exchange student many years ago and was such a treat again just last month when we visited Finland and my Finnish "sister" served it to end a traditional Finnish meal in her home ....more

Red, White & Blue Potato Salad ♥

Today's festive potato salad recipe, made with a mix of red-skinned, white-skinned and amazing blue-colored potatoes. Packed with summer vegetables: red bell pepper, radishes and sweet corn. Perfect for 4th of July and other American patriotic holiday gatherings ....more

Tomatillo Recipes ♥ Alphabet of Vegetables (also called Green Tomatoes & Mexican Tomatoes)

Hello Vegetable Lovers: Over the next while, watch for some housekeeping with the Alphabet of Vegetables here on A Veggie Venture. The goal is to separate out our "most favorite" vegetables so their pages will load more quickly, handy for all but especially those of us who check for recipes on our phones and tablets. ~Alanna PS Facebook & Pinterest users, if you love A Veggie Venture, be sure to "like" and "pin" this page! ...more

Estonian Deviled Eggs

The Recipe: Deviled Eggs Estonian-style with a secret ingredient that might surprise you: butter! The Conversation: Why 2014 is an especially fascinating time to visit Estonia, which shares a border with Russia and whose independence was restored only twenty-three years ago. Skip straight to the photos, if you like ....more

"Best Ever" New Potatoes & Green Beans ♥ a Kid-Friendly Recipe

What makes today's vegetable recipe special: New potatoes and green beans cooked together in one pot with just a touch of sugar, then tossed with butter and garlic. That tiny bit of sugar somehow makes all the difference! Kid approved! ...more

For Clean, Sharp Tomato Slices, Invest in a Tomato Knife One Quick Tip

Ever struggle with ragged edges on sliced tomatoes? For anyone who loves summer's best ripe tomatoes, consider investing in a tomato knife, a short serrated knife that cuts tomatoes into clean, sharp slices. This is the latest in an occasional series of posts I call "One Quick Tip" .. ....more

Finnish Summer Potato Salad ♥ An Ode to Finnish Potatoes

Today's Recipe: Perfect for your Midsummer celebration this Friday and Saturday, a simple potato salad of new potatoes and a simple vinaigrette, made just like Finns make potato salad during summer. Gluten Free. Paleo ....more

Typical Finnish Breakfast: Finn Crisp with Marmalade & Cheese

The Recipe: A simple Finnish breakfast, starting with whole-grain crackers and here topped with marmalade and a creamy cheese. The Conversation: Today I begin a special series of recipes, favorites from the year I spent as a Rotary exchange student in Finland, a true "coming of age" experience. Fast forward almost forty years (yikes) to the last couple of weeks, when I had the great fortune to ...more