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Wife to one, mother to three. Happily blogging from small town Wisconsin, where, yes, we are all cheeseheads. Follow the adventures on Good Day Regular People.

Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee 2014 Videos Are Here!

It's just like the holidays. When the...more

Summer is here.

Summer is here. We've had a string of thunderstorms to prove it....more

How To Take a Good Picture

I used to think that you needed to take a photography class at your local community college before you could learn to take a good picture. Skills? For what? ...more

The Week's Best

As always, good stuff on the internet this week. Sharing a few with you tonight. Pick one, pick two, and enjoy the read!--For those who like to find a good read, here's one I fell in love with from a brand new to me blog: O Mighty Crisis --From the blog, The Mind Unleashed, 22 Unbelievable Places To Visit That Really Exist ....more

My List of Superpowers

My Weight Manipulation Power – a thing to marvel. Given enough spandex and acrylic blend, I am able to fit 5 '5” of this, into amounts of fabric you wouldn't believe. I'm not the person I appear to be ....more

Immediate Opening

Immediate Opening: All Grill Meisters...more

When Do You "Get Over It"

One in seven women will experience postpartum mood disorder. 19 years ago, I was one of those women....more

We're No Longer Living in Caves

Some will say that what I'm talking about here doesn't exist in their life. They've evolved out of it or never felt it, never thought like this, nor associate with people like this. They may say that anyone who thinks like this or knows people like this, brings it upon themselves for being in such a circle of mentality ....more

About My Father

I remember some things about my father. Each time I write about him, I feel like he becomes eternal.I have a post up on Huffington Post today, Each Father's Day, I Remember....more