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Mama-to-be, wife, shopaholic, workout enthusiast, dog mom and senior director of communications and social media strategist at GroundFloor Media in Denver.

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Survival Mode

Wake up. Nurse. Get little one and adults fully dressed ....more

Nursing Updates

I am extremely grateful for the women in my various circles who reached out to me by phone, email, text and social following my “Nursing at 5.5 Months” post. You all helped me feel sane despite feeling insane at the thought of breastfeeding — mainly the pumping aspect — past six months. I think I was really tired and in a somewhat selfish place when I wrote that post ....more

Rylan is 8 Months!

Our incredible boy is eight months old! To say he brightens each and every day is a huge understatement. His gummy grin (no teeth yet!) is infectious ....more

Dolphin to Starfish

Apparently ocean-themed rooms are quite the rage at area daycares. A close friend has a daughter in the “Cuddly Clam” room at her center. But I digress ....more

Essential Oils for Rylan

Rylan has been around diffused essential oils for several months but I closely followed the recommendation of waiting until six months to try anything topically. As “luck” would have it, he brought home a nasty cold from daycare about a week and a half ago. We heard there was a confirmed case of RSV in his room so to be extra cautious we got him into the pediatrician ASAP ....more

Rylan: 7 Months

I’ve blogged once since Rylan’s six month post. It doesn’t surprise me in the least given the craziness of February but still, time is on warp speed. Between work, ski weekends and some surprise work trips for Mike, I’ll be glad if we make it out of February in one piece ....more

We Be Grubbin’

Rylan isn’t the chunkiest kid on the block so back at his four month appointment we were given the go ahead to start solids. Instead of going the traditional infant cereal route we opted for fresh avocado and never looked back. Fast forward to six months and he is grubbin’ three times a day! ...more

Rylan: 6 Months

Our son is six months old. It has been a half of a year since Rylan was born. Rylan is six months old! ...more

We Are Enough

The “we” in the title of this post is for my fellow working moms — whether you have been at this for years or are new to the game like me. Credit: The Unconventional Doctor’s Wife Last night I found myself solo with Rylan as Mike is traveling for work. Before Ry I used to look forward to my alone nights because they meant I could get to the gym, have cereal for dinner and watch any trashy reality show my heart desired ....more

Nursing at 5.5 Months

I love capturing pictures of my milk drunk son even though he’ll kill me for showing his girlfriend these images one day. It is still amazing to me, five and a half months into our routine, that my body makes and provides Rylan’s primary source of food and nutrition on a daily basis. The whole thing is pretty nuts ....more