Pre K special ed teacher, part time proofreader, fic addict, quilter, wife, and mom to seven year old Voldemort. Generally unhinged and sometimes worse.

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Words of Loathing

I am truly, wickedly adoring reading this thread at The Toast – it’s all about books you HAAAAATE. Now, the problem is, while many of the hated books I agree with or have never read due to general apathy, many of the ones people are talking about hating are ones I LOVE – The Little Prince? 1984? ...more

Things I Know

1. If I owe you money and you don’t want paypal, you will most likely never get your money, even if I know I wrote a check and put it in an envelope AND put it in the mailbox. What happens to these checks? ...more

I’m Not Actually a Teacher

What I really do, as every kid knows, is exist ONLY TO FRUSTRATE CHILDREN. And DAMN do I enjoy it! Example 1, conversation between myself (ME) and a highly gifted three year old (SH): SH: Ms ....more


It is Spring Break. I have accomplished…both nothing and many things, bizarrely. Brandus and I saw Divergent, which I enjoyed but wouldn’t write home about..or bother reviewing ....more

With My Mouth Shut

I feel…wordless. Which is strange, because Percocet usually makes me chatty, and wow, am I on a lot of Percocet. And antibiotics ....more

I’m going to cross stitch this on your forehead

Me: Hey kid, what are you about to do? Voldemort: Create. Isn’t that what kids do? ...more

Challenge Clearly Accepted

Dear 2014, When I said it would be hard for you to be worse than 2013, I didn’t mean for you to take that as a CHALLENGE. Really. I mean, if the mental health fun for both myself and Brandus weren’t enough, adding in root canals and a tooth extraction plus bone graft for brandus and some bizarre UTI issues that aren’t UTIs that have resulted in referrals for ultrasounds and urology appointments for me, just isn’t fair ....more

I’ll Bake If I Want To

It’s my birthday today, and due to a variety of reasons, it’s just me and the kid. I’m heading up to hang out with my favorite awesome ladies of the Vagina Monologues tonight, so it’s not sad and pathetic and mopey, but someone needs to make me cake, and that someone is clearly going to be ME. Ordinarily, if I were in Georgia, I would have gotten a cookie cake from Great American Cookie, because they are awesome and amazing and my favorite ....more

New Year Means New Posting

Ah, 2014. I would say I was counting on you to be better than 2014, but seeing as 2013 ended and you began with me dealing with strep, a UTI, and a kidney stone, I would be lying, because you are already well on your way to sucking. Admittedly, it’d be pretty dang hard to be WORSE than 2013, which included, among other things: pancreatitis, hospitalization, gallbladder surgery, an episode of severe depression (none of which were me), moving to one income, and dealing with a few crazy people in conjunction with dealing with brandus’ mom’s estate/house who might possibly break in and steal everything and/or squat there ....more

Up, Down, and Sideways

Family, lately, has been very stressful. I’m not going to give details, because no, but really, things have been really up and down. The ups have resulted in Brandus installing a new kitchen sink to replace our perfectly adequate kitchen sink, and installing a new bathroom sink to replace our cracked and leaking one ....more