And So She Agreed - NaBloPoMo Begins

Big She wasn't feeling it, the whole writing thing. Little She thought Big She was being a lazy-pants, just sitting there staring at all the unfinished drafts piling up and looking pitiful. So, when Big She was occupied with the day-to-dayness of that thing called 'The Doing of Stuff that Needs Doing', Little She signed her up for November NaBloPoMo '12. "Big She had done it before", rationalized Little She, so she put on her Growed Up panties and told Big She. ...more
Better late than never, right? So write to your little heart's content, and clear that precious ...more

A Draft a day? Reading and writing through the fog

There are 53 'drafts' saved over at my main blog site - Blogger. Fifty-three. Ideas just sitting there waiting for someone to come along and flesh them out. Hey, I said flesh and didn't include one zombie!!! Wait...doh.I swear, the second I went Gluten free, as the fog from my brain started to clear (mostly), my creativity packed up and left for Bora Bora. ...more
@Darcie Oh my...the Sticky Notes....more

His Man-ness Still Lingers.

 I totally sucked you in with the title, didn't I?So anyway...Yesterday, while I was dutifully caring and tending to the needs of my family, dear Hubbypants posted this on my "chatter" feed RIGHT HERE ON BLOGHER!"Sometimes I look at my cleavage and say "Nice!""To which it received a few good natured replies.Serves me right, I guess...for leaving my feed unguarded.But what really intrigues me?Not only was my page violated by his Man-ness, but NO ONE questioned whether it was a hack. Y'all thought it was me!!!...more
How did I miss this.  Maybe it is a good thing because I found this today and needed the laugh.  ...more

Open Letter to Myself

Dear Self,Hey there, gurlfriend! It's been awhile since we've communicated and brought all of our 'parts' together in unison to achieve a goal. It's hard, I know...each of us busy doing what's required to keep The Body functioning. And yes, this whole aging thing is constantly keeping us on our toes. We might need to form a union, discuss overtime compensation and such.But, that isn't the point of my letter to you. It is this...I'm making you a promise - one day you WILL look in the mirror and like what you see....more
@Linda Anselmi Thank you for such a sweet and wonderful comment! You made my day....week!!more

The Journey of A Thousand Pounds

Ok, it isn't a thousand pounds, but I thought that sounded cool so I went with it. A half a pound is all that stands between me and my first weight loss goal. I didn't start out having a "goal". It has just sort of evolved over the last several weeks. ...more
@isthisthemiddle  @alienbody Thanks for the reminder.  Some times I think self-depreciation is ...more

Too Much Me

There may be a bit too much 'me' floating around the Internet.  I love interaction and building friendships. I like commenting on blog posts and Facebook posts. I like creating my own presence in cyberspace.  I admit to being a Facebook junkie. I have a lot of free time, I just do. And so, I use it to build connections.  Well, at least that his how I looked at it.  Perhaps I should have just gotten a day job. ...more
@Darcie @alienbody I agree with Darcie - how can there be too much you... It is hard when you ...more

Mourning Meal

I'm mourning the loss of my former way of eating. ...more
Thank you! This is exactly how I'm feeling!more

Living Vicariously

I like to read about people who make commitments to do...something. Often it is a year long, life changing, journey. Sometimes it is something shorter, but equally significant. I don't care much what it is they spend their year doing, I'm a sucker for it. Unless it's creating recipes from daily discovered road kill or weaving dolls from the hair that falls out of their head. I don't think you could fill up a whole book with either and both are just creepy...regardless of the fact that I just made them up in my own head....more
I don't have any projects planned at this point.  My Whitney challenge seems to have filled my ...more

My Toaster Is Trying To Kill Me

Yesterday was my first meeting with a nutritionist, we'll call her Nazi Nell, after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. Nazi Nell is rather hateful toward gluten and she's trying to turn me against it as well! I'd fight her, ya know...because I love my gluten so. Well, I don't love 'gluten' per se - I love when it parades around as cookies, muffins, cupcakes, bread, pasta, Thai food, etc, etc, etc. ...more
You poor woman! They recently ruled Celiac out, which gave me cause to kiss my bread, pasta and ...more


Yesterday I was subjected to an alien invasion via an orifice - I was probed, I tell ya!Of course, I agreed to it - signing all the appropriate documents. I bet you didn't know Alien invaders like to cover their asses by having you sign away liability.Well, they do if they are part of the same network as the blood letting vampires over at Kaiser....more
If you find out that another you has been created, please send her to NC.  In fact, she can stay ...more