Being Prepared

Do you ever sometimes wonder while walking through the mall with your kids, "What would I do if right this second alien invaders attacked firing vaporizing guns that made people burst into ashes like they did in War of the Worlds - the new version"? Or, worse...what if they are the creepy spidery things from  Cloverfield that inject you with something that makes your head explode?...more
 @motherofnine9 I'm so glad that I gave you a smile, that makes me so happy! Yes, "mental ...more

Midlife and Tattoos: Why I Ink

No, I am not barreling at the speed of light toward a midlife crisis, I'd like to squash that idea right now.Yes, I realize that at 40-something many people are removing their tattoos not getting them.No, I am not desperately clinging to my youth by pretending to be edgy and cool - I'm ALREADY edgy and cool, just ask my kids and then ignore their snorts and eye-rolling. Yes, I may possibly be out of my mind, but the crazy is what keeps y'all coming back for more so I'm  unleashing a whirling dervish of it here in today's post. You're welcome....more
I have never gotten a tattoo, not because I see them as wrong, just because I don't like needles ...more

Punishing Myself Over Guilty Pleasures

I have an anniversary coming up in two days, Wednesday to be exact.It's a decent sized anniversary; we've worked hard to get here - mostly. I mean, truth be told it wasn't all that hard. Oh sure, there have been up, down, sideways and drowning moments, but mostly? Yeah, mostly it has been just fine with a side of wicked fantastic. ...more
Happy day late 20th anniversary!!  It is a big deal and I am glad to have read that you went.  ...more

Got Quirks?

Several years ago I watched a news story about a child who died from eating e-coli infected lettuce. I was horrified by the story - it's lettuce, it's healthy for cryin' out loud!And from that day on I dread making salad because I wash each and every leaf of lettuce individually. Every. One. Needless to say, if I'm going through the effort then I make a HUGE salad to last for a few days....more
Eggs! Besides checking from cracks, I have to smell each and every egg from the carton I buy. I ...more

Purging: A Story of Letting Go

Giddy, is what I felt when we signed the contract for our master bath/closet remodel. Visions of purged closets and drawers filled my many items destined for the massive block sale planned for next month. I'mma make a fortune, oh yeah! ...more
I also have tagged items that have never been worn and can probably be donated to the ...more

And then my head exploded...

Life just wouldn't be all that interesting without adding a good hearty dose of crazy every once in awhile.  We all need to shake things up, turn our world upside down and live an existence, albeit perhaps only for a short time, that is something other than our norm. No, I'm not getting deep and philosophical, I'm talking about a home remodel. ...more
Brave you!  Good luck with keeping the last remnants of your sanity!more

Time Won't Wait for Me - Finding My Life's Mojo and Putting It Into Action!

This blog post almost wasn't. I've started it, then sat staring at incomprehensible sentences. I've cursed my lack of organized thought, dumped whatever thought I did have on to the screen and then back-spaced over everything. It's more cathartic that way, back spacing, it isn't the same as highlighting it all and then hitting delete. I'm trying to resume blogging after a week of helping my family mourn the passing of my father-in-law, a mere eight months after losing my mother-in-law. It's been a shitty year for my family. ...more
These are words of advice that we should all live by to seize the moment and not look back. I ...more

Cancer can be easy?

  I was asked about my tattoo recently.  The woman inquiring admired the delicate work and then said, "That's the breast cancer ribbon, isn't it?"...more
 @HomeRearedChef Thanks Virginia! Thank you ...more

Mornings Suck!

 I'd like it to be known that I am at peace with most things involving ante meridiem (a.k.a. A.M., as in morning time), preferably when it has nothing earlier than an 11 in front of it. And, I'm equally as tolerant of it when there is a 2 in front of it, provided I'm crawling INTO bed at that time and not OUT of bed. And so, you can imagine my displeasure when I wake up at 2:30 (in the A.M.) with not even the slightest ability to fall back to sleep. Wide. Ass. Awake. That was me. ...more
 @alienbody LOL ... I am so tired and my brain doesn't work well. (still) It didn't even occur ...more

Wordless Wednesday 17: I is for Inappropriate

Want to see what happens my version of Wordless Wednesday takes a walk on the naughty side? You just might need to find out over at This n That!  Warning, inappropriateness may be found within. You're welcome.  This may have been typed under duress. Sometimes my brain and fingers don't agree and havoc insues. Your guess is as good as mine as to what it all means. ...more
 @elaineR.N. Do you meant that my blog won't let you leave a comment? Ugh...I'm not sure why. ...more