Alicia Roberts

I am just me.  I won't tell you how awesome I am but I am sure you'll figure it out.  (Not really.)  I am a mom, a wife, a friend.  I am also a 2 time cancer survivor.  I have been in radio for almost 16 years.  I am passionate about natural birthing and natural parenting.  I am in school to prepare for midwifery school.  I have had doula training and childbirth educator training.  I like life.  I am adventurous and silly.  I have a dark sense of humor.  I have little patience for ignorance. 

Play Time: The Fine Art of Ignoring Your Children

We had dinner at our friend’s house a few weeks ago. Half-way through the evening, one of the other dinner guests complimented our children. She asked what our secret was to having such well-behaved kids who were so content simply playing together, rather than bickering and running upstairs every five minutes like the other kids there. We just smiled and said thank you, beaming inside and exchanging proud glances. But, there is actually a secret and I’m going to share it with all of you right now: We ignore our children. And they are better for it. ...more

My daughter is 7 and she is an only child. This is how I have always been with her! I remember ...more

Debunking Email Forwards

They first appeared around 1997, when my email was, and they've become more creatively outrageous every year. You get them too -- the carelessly forwarded email from your mom's friend, your arch-conservative brother-in-law or your late bloomer friend who checks her email bi-monthly: The Misinformed Email. These are the mindless forwards that beget Snopes and Hoax Slayer and I'm here to warn you, I absolutely live to debunk them. ...more

We are sisters!! I am a huge debunker! I am a Liberal Conservative (no, really!) and I get so ...more