Allison Carmen

As a business coach, consultant and author, Allison Carmen has developed the simple life philosophy called “Maybe” to help people deal with the uncertainty of life. She has successfully applied the philosophy to help her clients, who range from entrepreneurs and owners of multi-million dollar companies to artists, actors, writers, fashion designers, attorneys, health care workers, doormen, garage attendants, parents, nannies and the homeless. Allison has witnessed hundreds of people, regardless of present circumstances, who had the courage to step into the realm of Maybe improve their lives.

The reason the philosophy of Maybe is so effective is because it continuously offers us more than the one possibility that is causing us stress and keeping us up at night. We all have a choice. We can stew in uncertainty of life, escalating our stress, anxiety and despair. Or we can realize that there may be a way out of the situation, a way forward, or just another way for us to exist in all that lies before us.

Maybe is just one change of perspective, but it’s one that changes everything.

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Insanity is Hereditary; You Get It From Your Children

Insanity is hereditary; you get it from your children.
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The Game Is Not About Becoming Somebody, It's About Becoming Nobody.

“The game is not about becoming somebody, it's about becoming nobody.” Ram Dass I remember reading this quote a long time ago and having absolutely no idea what it meant. I had just gotten a job at a large law firm, I was making great money and I thought I had finally arrived at a place in my life where I had finally become “SOMEBODY.” However, after fifteen years of practicing law, I felt unfulfilled and I decided to abandon the profession and focus on a career in consulting and coaching. I was really starting over....more

Get Off Your Cell Phone!!! Teaching Our Children That Every Moment Matters!!!!

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