Alyssa Marie

Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa, and I am 18 years old! I'm 5'5", 127 lbs, and I have blue eyes and light brown hair. I enjoy singing,dancing,acting,writing,reading,and studio art. I'm graduating my senior year of high school this upcoming June, and I am planning on going to college concerning theater or the arts in some way, as I plan to pursue one or all of the arts as a career. I've done some prestigious things, such as becoming the very first annual Yonkers Idol in 2008, singing at Madison Square Garden for the Opening Ceremony of the Macabbi Games in August 2009, and singing at Walt Disney World not only in EPCOT's Biergarten in both 2007 and 2008, but also in the American Idol experience show in September of 2009!Being onstage is where I belong- it's a home to me! Random facts: 1)I love pizza, spaghetti, Dr. Pepper, and coffee 2)I live in New York 3) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Anatomy/Sports Med. teacher- like literally,  I have never loved a teacher as much in my life!!! I'm going to miss her soooooo much when I graduate. Mrs. Marques- I love you <3 4)I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world, and I am so in love with him <3  5)I am terrible in math;excellent in English 6)I started my singing career at age 2 7)"A Knight In Shining Armor" -Jude Deveraux- is my favorite book 8)"If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain"- Emily Dickinson, is my mantra; I love defending, protecting, and comforting those who are underdogs, made fun of, and suffering from public humiliation/cruelty/unfairness in any way... 9)I HATE it when people cry; it makes me go weak in the knees, and I can't stop myself from hugging and holding them, whispering that they're going to be fine 10)I've had a pretty insane life, and I've been through some TOUGH experiences. I'm sure there are MILLIONS of people who've been through MUCH worse, where my suffering seems almost luxurious, but nonetheless I understand pain and suffering, and I know how to overcome it. So if you're hurt, you can talk to me. I'll listen, keep your confidence, and do what I can to help. I live to make people feel better about themselves <3 :D If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Thanks! Lots of love, Alyssa <3

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