A little bit about me you ask? A twenty something with a love for fashion, sports and all things Boston. Navigating my way through post-grad life, living with my boyfriend and being a "professional". I try never to leave the house without a little bronzer and mascara. A couple things I know? Sports, fashion, celebrity gossip and that a girl needs her friends. My drug of choice? Handbags and a good slice of pizza.


TGIF. ...more

{afternoon coffee break} work wear on sale

{afternoon coffee break} work wear on sale Chic work wear is a must and chic work wear on sales is everything. Take a few minutes before you wrap up the work day and check out some awesome items I found on sale!...more

Oscars 2013

 Since I am a few hours late to the game today, my post may seem redundant. However the Oscars are like Christmas to a girl like me so I have to share my favorites. As it turns out, most of these ladies make my list every year, so I am not surprised to see them back this year.  ...more