Amanda Jones

My name is Amanda Mae Jones.  I live in Calera, AL with my husband and 4 furbabies Kiwi, Max, Maggie and Mindy.  My husband and I do not have any children...yet!  We have been trying for 9 years, and hopefully will be blessed with a child either through my own pregnancy or adoption in the near future!! Love reality tv, movies, music and home projects.

Green Smoothie Friday...

Good morning and happy Friday!!  Who's looking forward to the weekend??  I know I's been a looonnnngggg week. As I've mentioned in the past, I LOVE green smoothies!  Love, love, love them, and I'm always trying something a little different.  I decided I would start a series called "Green Smoothie Friday" and share some of my favorite recipes...I hope you'll share your recipes too! ...more

Feeling like an outsider?

So this is something I've been thinking about, and my husband has actually vocalized recently...are we losing our friends because we don't have children?  Ok, I don't think we're actually "losing" friends, but maybe we feel like outsiders, or they feel like, because of our struggle with infertility, that we don't want to hang out with them because we'll feel bad.  Who knows, but it seems like we're growing further and further apart and not on purpose. ...more

Family, Football & Food...

So we are halfway through college football season, which means I have had quite a few football Saturdays to prepare for!  In the south, college football is right there with family, and when you're a family of football fanatics, it works.  We have themed game weekends...well, let me back up...we are big time Alabama fans...can I get a ROLL TIDE???  So being Alabama fans, we obviously root for Alabama and anyone playing Tennessee or Auburn, ha! ...more

Clean Eating - Day 1 and counting...

So today is day 1 of clean eating for this couple!  My husband and I have made the decision, for good, to eat clean and change our way of looking at food.  Will it be easy?  Well, for us, not so much.  We are horrible enablers of one another when it comes to food!  We'll be really good for a couple of days then one of us mentions a craving, we're going to get it for the other and join right in. ...more