Amanda Brock

I am a spiritual life coach and social worker with a background in addictions therapy and mental health counseling. It was through a series of traumatic events that led me to question my beliefs and my purpose. This questioning and curiosity urged me to pursue a spiritual path that I had never considered. I found comfort in holistic and non-traditional ideas such as meditation, mysticism, Buddhism, archetypal astrology and energy work. Early on in my journey I was inspired to return to school and I became a therapist. Eventually, however, I felt called to use my counseling background to help others explore their spirituality in ways that had also helped me.. While I still work part time as a therapist, my passion is spiritual coaching and helping others discover their authentic soul purpose.

Sometimes Clients Are The Best Teachers

I used to get the strangest reactions from people when I told them I was a substance abuse therapist. Usually it went something like this:"Oh my, God bless you.""Oh, that must be so hard. What amazing work you do.""Really? So what are they like?""What's the craziest thing anyone has ever done?""Has anyone ever threatened you?"My personal favorite was from my mortgage consultant when I refinanced my house. She said, "Boy, it takes a different sort of bird to do that kind of work." Um, thanks?...more

The Courage Prayer

Either as a therapist or as a participant at Al-Anon...more