Amy Riley

I am Mom of 2, a wife, an owner of 2 businesses, and an avid runner and vacationer, who loves to have an active social calendar. I wear myself out frequently :-)...and enjoy exploring new ways to integrate life and make it all work!

Surrendering to pregnancy hormones (and how it can be empowering)

A few months into my first pregnancy, I woke up in a mood: a mood induced by pregnancy hormones. Wow, here it was. I felt totally out of control of my emotions. I was irritated and disappointed and no amount of rationalizing in my head or trying to distract myself could change it. I was stuck. I didn’t feel like myself and didn’t want anyone to realize that I had become that “crazy pregnant lady.” I so didn’t want to be her, but there I was feeling crazy and out of sorts. I had no idea what I was going to do....more

Feeling overwhelmed? 3 steps to shift from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered

Feeling overwhelmed?Sometimes we feel like there’s perpetual overwhelm, sometimes we know a specific event will send us into overwhelm, and sometimes it just sneaks up on us....more

Audaciously nourish yourself

Pregnancy is a great excuse to finally take good care of yourself!...more

1 step forward and 3 steps back? Trust yourself.

Set backs happen. Sometimes they happen when we feel the least equipped to handle them....more

YOU are THE authority on your kids

Experts are great. It’s great for us to be able to look to those who have studied and have years of experience in lactation, pediatrics, baby delivery, stroller manufacturing, parenting toddlers… whatever we’re dealing with, in the moment. Information and opinions are readily available and easily accessible in various formats these days. It’s great to have reliable, validated, thoroughly-studied advice at our finger tips....more

Don’t listen to what others might say! You’re doing it your way.

Lettie made a choice that others might judge negatively. During her second trimester, she hosted Thanksgiving for more than 20 family members while her husband was in the hospital, and she had just moved into her house three weeks earlier....more

Be straight with yourself

Be straight with yourselfWritten on December 18, 2013 by loving in Making choices that work for you, ...more

Give yourself a break! You’ve never done this before.

As you’re pregnant and as you continue to move through the various phases of parenthood, you’re going to be consistently doing things you’ve never done before. You’re going to be fielding questions about when you’re due, gaining pregnancy weight, preparing for delivery, adjusting to new sleep schedules, receiving opinions about what sorts of childcare work best, determining how you want to handle discipline, and the list goes on and on. These are new endeavors, and it’s highly unlikely you’re going to be immediately skilled in these areas....more

How to make those tough choices? Let your values guide you

We, as parents, are often striving to achieve a multi-faceted range of things in a given week. Or a given day. Or within the hour!!All too often, I feel it comes down to a choice between 2 activities that I want to do. And, sometimes more than 2 activities! I shouldn’t really complain because it’s a nice problem to have: an overabundance of things I want to do. Yet, sometimes the choices feel super-conflicting and hard in the moment.Here are some examples of the choices that come up in my life. As you read mine. Be thinking about yours....more

Creating a supportive, empowering mom community

People are passionate – and often highly opinionated – about the choices they make during pregnancy. They should be. It’s an important time.It’s easy to think that some of the choices we make regarding pregnancy and childbirth are the best choices. Why not? They worked for us for all kinds of reasons that make perfect sense to us.And, it’s all too easy to slip into judging another mom’s actions. To think she’s getting overly worked up about this or too stringent about that or not clued into the priorities we think she should be....more