Amy Kover

A "recovering journalist," I spent five years as a staff writer at Fortune magazine, followed by several more years writing for The New York Times, Real Simple, Smart Money, and Women's Health. After a stint in PR, I returned home to raise my two children in NYC. "Cooking With Jeanne" took shape on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I craved a good chat with my mother and her famous Chicken Angelo. Amazing what the palate's memory can elicit.


When my mother turned forty, her friends threw her a surprise party festooned with balloons stating: “You’re Old.”  I found the gesture hilarious until yesterday, when I too became “old.”  ...more
Happy 40th Birthday! Cheers to 40 more years of awesomeness!more


I saw my mother struggle with weight her entire life. She made impassioned –albeit short-lived— forays into nearly every diet fad –Jenny Craig, Atkins, and the Summer of Fat-Free (a quasi-national movement that took place around 1995).  These diets never made her particularly happy.  One evening, when I was rather small, she did battle with a piece of steamed fish (while we undoubtedly ate Hamburger Corn Casserole)....more

TWENTY-MINUTES TO SANITY: Escarole and White Bean Soup

I’m stressed.  Deadlines are looming, children are whining, and –oh yeah!— I’ve got to cook dinner.  While my first inclination would be to reach for the Chinese takeout menu, a  wise voice in the back of my head says: “Stop! You’ll be sorry.” Alas, that preachy voice is right. Eating garbage in the face of stress only makes me feel worse.  I’m already anxious, must I be bloated too?That’s why I am so psyched that I remembered how to make Escarole, White Bean Soup in 20 minutes. It’s healthy, fast, and –if you add chicken sausages—you think you are indulging....more

VALENTINE'S COOKIES: Frosted Sugar Cookies with Strawberry Sugar

I take my Valentine’s Day crafts very seriously. In third grade, I spent hours making Valentine’s, painstakingly assigning Mrs. Grossman’s heartstickers to each of my friends’ cards....more


I can’t help but break out into a maniacal grin, when rereading this particularly forlorn passage from Cooking With Jeanne, circa February 4, 2011:“As a New York football fan, I could not give a Chinese New Year rabbit’s foot about this Sunday's game. Packers or Steelers. Who cares? All I know is that 2010 marked the second year in which the Giants spectacularly imploded in the late season.”...more

Parenting May Be Easy, but Being Human Is Hard

Roughly five times a day, I screw up as a parent. However this morning’s antics may have earned me a spot in the Mommy Hall of Shame. At 10:00am, I had just settled down to work and a coffee, when my cell phone cheerily announced: “Chaperone Field Trip.” A pit instantly formed in my stomach. I was supposed to heading to a demonstration of the New York City Ballet with my daughter's class that very moment....more
I think you are spot on. We get so many mixed messages today as parents. And no child arrives in ...more


In addition to a box full of recipes, Mom also bestowed upon me a crown of curls. Yes, I have been blessed (and cursed) with hair that has a mind of its own....more
I have typical African-American hair, which means I've heard many a hairdresser, "I have no idea ...more


My kids are not big seafood fans.Not that I can blame them. Fish revolted me until I reached my teens. In fact, I have yet to forgive my mother for telling me fried clams were French Fries. The rubbery texture haunts me to this day....more


For many years, my closet held a dirty little secret. Behind my boots, wedged between the wall and some outmoded purses, lay two beautiful Chinese scrolls that belonged to my parents. They once hung elegantly in our dining room, whispering of orange blossoms in foreign tongues. But in my home, they sat collecting dust. I expect the distraught phone call from my father any minute now. ...more