Amy Latkowski

Amy Elaine.I am a proud mommy to Khloe Renee & KyLee Ryann Proctor!I am happily engaged to the amazing father of both of my children, Daniel Proctor, since November 22, 2009. We have the perfect little family and we make life the best we can & I wouldn't change it for the world! (:

Valentine's day

i was at work today and someone told me Happy Valentine's day and I said thank you. They then asked if I was expenting flowers or chocolate when I got home. I said no. I have been with fiance for 4 years, he knows I love flowers, and what woman doesn't like candy or chocolate!?...more


Being a mom is the most amazing experience a woman can have. Having someone look up to you, smile, and say I love you everyday is heart warming. Now, this feeling is so different from a snificant other. A way different feeling. You would do anything and everything to make them happy. ...more

Pushing to be the best.

These days, life is all about being the best or perfect. We all strive to be what we invision is the perfect woman or man. Which in reality, is way off. I fall into this category as well. I feel as if I need to be perfect to be liked and I don't feel like I'm good enough.We see models who are literally starving themselves to be skinny, the right makeup position,  or the right clothing. Is your hair in the right style these days?...more


There are many things I can say about people, but not just people, friends. How can someone be such a good friend & turn to nothing in the next day? I know I've lost alot of 'friends' just by having kids (i know, sad), but those I have made friends with, especially those who have kids, just decided to up & leave. One of them I became good friends with just over these blogs. We related to alot of things and started talking and became real close. All of a sudden, she just deleted me off facebook and wasn't my friend anymore....more

Live each day like it's your last!

Just yesterday I welcomed my second daughter into this world. I have a beautiful 20 month old named Khloe Renee and our second is named KyLee Ryann....more

Similaries & Love.

Long ago I wrote a blog about my fiance. I shortly explained how I knew he was the one. Thinking about it, I have gotten a better answer. Kids who grew up having a hard time growing up usually connect with other kids who had a hard time growing up. Dan and I haven't exactly been through the same things, but similar to each other....more

Friends, or not friends.

A friend. A best friend. A sister. A brother.Do you call yourself this or someone else? Yes? Do you truly act like one? No. So many people these days take their best friend for granted. Being a friend is being there for them when they are down, being a shoulder to cry on, talking to them every once in awhile, and most of all, making them feel like a queen/king when they feel like the joker. I do this everyday and don't feel like it takes one extra breath out of me. It's called being a friend. Not hard at all....more

Indecisive me.

I wish I made sense.Now that I have gotten that out, I will explain. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with my second. My first is a 13 month old girl. I have a boyfriend (who is also both of my baby's father) and we have been together for 3 years in November. I love my family with all my heart and wouldn't change it for the world. I will say, I cannot and will never be sane....more

Why don't you men get it!?

I guess I've forgotten what it felt like to be pregnant, but then again with my first pregnancy, I didn't feel anything like this. I have constant morning sickness. I feel nauseated, extremely tired, my back hurts bad at night, and standing up makes me feel like I'm about to hurl. I'm always craving Sarku Japan. Hopefully soon I can get it! I also can barely eat anything without feeling like I ate a whole cow! The only thing I had with my first baby in the first trimester was tiredness....more

Baby Number Two.

So, I am now pregnant with baby number 2. I had an amazing first pregnancy. I didn't have morning sickness, it was just great. All that was wrong; I craved different foods all the time, moody, and have beautiful stretch marks. Now, I'm only 7 weeks. I haven't even gotten through a minority of this pregnancy. I'm already hating it! ...more