Amy Miller

I am a freelance writer working on my MFA in writing at Spalding University in Louisville, KY, where I live with my husband, two kids and two dogs.  I write essays, a parenting column for a local alt-monthly, and a blog, ADDled. I've also taught college writing for six years and will begin teaching community writing workshops this spring!

All I Want For Christmas (and Hannukkah) is . . . EVERYTHING!

I remember as a child being jealous of my Christian friends during the Christmas season.  What Jewish kid isn't?  The lights, the tree, the stockings, the songs, the presents, the fat man with the red suit and the big white beard.  When you compare some candles and a few gifts - usually socks and underwear (which, my friends, do not count as presents) - Christmas wins, hands down.  My parents didn't shield me from Christmas; they enabled my Christmas lust....more

Submit your ADHD stories to ADDled

In celebration of ADHD Awareness Month - all October, every October, y'all - I've decided to take the leap into guest posts. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, consider submitting a short contribution to my new series: ...more

Shock and Awe. Safe and Sound.

Summer is winding down.Well, technically summer doesn't end until September, but summer vacation from elementary school is winding down.  Can you feel my shoulders start to relax, see the wine glass in my hand, hear the maniacal exhaustion laughter?  Don't misunderstand....more

You Went To BlogHer '13 and All I Got Was a Ton of Free Lube?

BlogHer 2013.  What is it? Kate made this darling badge.  I heart Kate....more

BlogHer '13: You're Not Ready For My Brand of Awkward!

This is definitely my summer of travel.  First the River Teeth Nonfiction Conference in Ohio, then Florida with the fam, jetsetting to Ireland with my MFA peeps, and now - only one week back home - I'm roadtripping to Chicago with the sassiest blogger in the 'sphere (that's what the young people call it, right?), Ms. Kate at Nested.  Whyfore the trip to Chicago, you ask?  How is it that your loyal and hardworking husband is not divorcing you, you also may ask?...more

The Comfort Zone

HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I returned home on Monday from two weeks away from family (although, not friends) during my MFA residency in Ireland.  Residencies are always intense:...more

The things we do for love

Summertiiiiiiiiiime. And the blogging ain't eeeeeeeasy. I could go on, but you get the picture. Yep, school is out and I've returned to my role as pack mule/chauffeur/personal assistant/personal chef/home health care nurse/police officer.  And it hasn't even been a full week since the last day.  Strap in, readers, it's going to be a wacky summer with fewer posts than I would like.  But, you know, those children of mine demand to be fed, so what can I do? ...more

My Kid Talks A Lot -- Even in the Movie Theater

My son is a talker. He wakes up talking. This morning, after I realized he had crawled into our bed (he woke up half and hour early), he said, "I can't wait for tomorrow!!" He goes to sleep talking, sometimes in mid-sentence. He even talks in his sleep. He talks during his soccer games, regaling his teammates (who are actually trying to kick the ball) with funny observations or trying to get them to answer the proverbial question, "Guess what?" just so he can answer, "Chicken butt!" He talks in the bathtub, throughout dinner, and while he's peeing. We've suspected he's got the ADD since he was two, but since it isn't interfering with his academic success and doesn't seem to drive his teachers crazy enough to write notes home, we've decided to ride this out until we absolutely have to have him tested....more
My son is similar, and I can relate!  But there's nothing 'wrong' with him, there's something ...more

Faster Than You

My husband and I decided to do away with cable television a few years ago.  We reasoned that we didn't watch more than 3 shows and were tired of paying the increasingly exorbitant bill.  Since we have young children who didn't agree to this decision, we bought an Apple TV that streams online shows that are either free (Hulu), free with a subscription fee (Netflix), or charge a la carte (iTunes).  This has worked for our entire family with little guff.  The only problem I have with Hulu (upon which we depend for network shows such as "Community" and "Bob's Burgers" and ba...more

Dear Important Person: How To Overcome Your Painful ADD Email Habit

If you do not have ADD or do not love someone, or even know someone really well with ADD, then this may come as a surprise to you: we like to start everything in the middle.  Sometimes I write these posts and turn off the ol' editor button in my brain so that I can just get it out ("it" being whatever blather is bursting out of my fingers to revel in the light of day).  Once "it" is out, I can mess with it, rearrange it, make it pretty. ...more