Favorite Motherhood Fails

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m revisiting the times I totally screwed the pooch so you can feel superior–or at least know you’re not alone. I stole this concept from Anna at Misadventures in Motherhood who is very funny and apparently still has original ideas. So here we go… Remember that time I left my daughter alone with surprisingly effective child safe scissors? ...more

How To Diet Without Screwing Up Your Daughter

In the battle of the bulge, my biggest roadblock isn’t carbs, booze or sugar—it’s my three-year-old daughter....more

Top 10 Irrational Fears About My Wedding Day

1. That I will wake up with a head cold, my period and hives 2. That my best laid bridal beauty plans won’t come together 3 ....more

Making The Move From Crib To Big Kid Bed Without Losing Sleep…Or Your Mind

Just as no kid heads off to college still wearing diapers, you can be sure your crib-loving toddler will eventually sleep in an actual bed. But when should you make the transition, and how? A lot of toddlers get their crib eviction notices from a new baby, but since we’re...more

How To Survive A Children’s Birthday Party (With A Little Baby Magic)

Ever since my daughter started preschool, my social life revolves, thrillingly, around kids’ birthday parties....more

5 Surprising Reactions People Have When I Tell Them I’m Marrying My “Baby Daddy”

After four years of living in sin and three years of raising our daughter together, my partner and I are tying the knot this summer. We’re excited to make it official. So is our accountant ....more

20 Things I Never Thought About When I Was 20

Dear Younger Self, You were so cool....more

Why Do Disney Movies Always Kill Off The Moms?

When Frozen came out and everyone was raving, I thought about taking my three-year-old daughter to her first movie. The reviews said the film was smart, with strong female heroines and great music....more

The Accidental Pinterest Mom

When I started making preschool lunches last fall, I perused Pinterest for meal ideas and promptly hyperventilated and passed out. Where the hell did these Pinterest moms get all their time and energy? ...more

You Take The Cake

Dear Viv, I know wedding planning hasn’t been that fun for you. Lots of long car rides, boring meetings and time-consuming bridal indecision. Plus, grown-ups are always telling you not to touch anything, like that’s a reasonable request ....more