Anaiis Salles

I started off life as an artist. After raising two wonderful sons, and then embarking on a life full of adventure and world travel, I've settled down to become an urban farmer and beekeeper in my childhood hometown of Philadelphia, PA. I have founded a non-profit green consulting firm, Green Sanctuary Earth Institute of Philadelphia, PA. This was one way I could transplant the green living lifestyle I loved when I lived in Vermont. I'm a blogger and also a published poet. Creativity in every form of relationship is what gets me out of bed in the morning. A practicing Buddhist, I find find three things for which to be grateful every day. There is hard work, there is inspiration, there is luck, and then there is grace. Inspiration, luck and grace are all gifts of the spirit.

Secrets About Beekeepers

The cold February night  I walked into my first beekeeping course, I wasn’t sure I would actually become a beekeeper. But being a single woman who genuinely likes men, on the first night of class when I saw that the majority of the sixty-plus course registrants were men, it was a very pleasant surprise. I simply hadn’t thought about this possibility beforehand. I decided to become a beekeeper. ...more

Overwintering Bee Hives

We've hit our first frost here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it came with a snowstorm. Beekeepers are preparing hives for overwintering. I'm a first year beekeeper and I'm thrilled that my honey bee colony is healthy as we head into winter.Here are a few recommendations for overwintering your bee hive. I’m sure you are already on it, but in just in case you're looking for suggestions, consider these: ...more
Grew up by bee farms but always find this weird. MT @BlogHer For urban farmers among ...more