Crazy Dayz

I am publically apologizing for my lack of blogging. ...more

Conventions, Competitions and Bumble Bee Ranch

We had another busy, fun filled weekend in the desert....more

Biospy Results

We are home....more

Biopsy Time

Happy April! Yesterday was a day of travel from Phoenix to Palo Alto and we made it!...more

JUMP Dance

This weekend was the JUMP dance convention and competition in downtown Phoenix....more

Everyday Life

This post is about as normal as it gets....more

Family Pictures

C's family is not small and it's so hard to coordinate everyone's schedules, but last weekend, we finally got the majority of the family together for pictures....more

Spring Break Fun!

All good things must come to an end and Spring Break is almost over....more

Spring Break

It's Spring Break and that means we have Kam and Daddy home with us all week!!...more


We are home. We got the IVIG started around 9:30 last night and everything was fine until the 10pm pukefest. Poor guy was so sick to his stomach ....more