Angela Santomero

Having created Blue's Clues, Super Why! & Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (based on the work of Mister Rogers), it's no surprise that my passion is to educate & empower preschoolers around the world. I'm learning a ton about Parenting, Media & Kids along the road, but have even more questions. We share all of this on Angela's Clues

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Renewed

PBS Kids Renews Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I literally just sent a note to Nicole,...more

Act like a man

Act like a man! What does that even mean? Especially today ....more

The Importance of Speech and Language Therapy

I like to call it the “quarter-life crisis”. Out of college & in the “real world” for a few years, and suddenly panicking about whether the job you have now – the one you worked so hard in high school and college to land – will lead to a fulfilling and gratifying life-long career. Studying towards my Masters in Developmental Psych ....more

Snow Day!

Like everyone these days, not only does this Dad’s plate overfloweth but I haven’t caught a glimpse of the plate in weeks! So when my girls had a snow day yesterday, the old man in me grumbled something about pushing much of my to do list to yet another day. ...more

Screen Time for Children 101 w Lisa Guernsey

How do we go about raising young children in this media saturated environment? I posed this question to...more

How NOT to Blog or My Month in Review

I know, I know. When you blog, 1 of the top...more

Dad Knows More than Siri

“I don’t need you anymore Dad.” Seriously. That’s what my (newly) 10 year old told me yesterday afternoon! I was, according to her, “too busy” when she returned home from school ....more

Speaking at Ad Week 2013

On Tuesday I have the privilege of speaking at the 10th Annual Ad Week 2013 (Liberty Theater-Time Square). ...more

Sesame Street VP, Dr Truglio, Awarded in NYC

Dr Alice Wilder, Dr Rosemarie Truglio & Angela Santomero Many years ago, armed with the mission to change kids media, I attended Columbia University’s Teacher’s College. Pursuing a master’s degree in child development and psychology, with a specialty in instructional media & technology, I was fortunate to have Dr. Rosemarie Truglio as my advisor ....more

5 Clues to Prevent Back to School Blues

Throughout the years, the back to school theme has made its into many of my preschool TV scripts. Probably my favorite one is the Blue’s Clues script I wrote when Steve (our main character) goes back to school, leaving for college in 2002..YIKES! Feel free to not do the math here ....more