When an Innocent Prank Turns Into a Racist Attack

Immediately the guy's garage door opened and out he came in his robe. The kids all ran and hid behind a car. The man shouted down the street to the hiding kids to leave him alone, to knock it off or he would call the cops. And the kids started saying things like, "He's Arab. Don't make him mad, or he'll bomb us."...more

Blogging Out Loud: Ann Imig Wants You to Listen to Your Mother

One of the things that makes BlogHer's community keynote so powerful is that the words pop off the screen as you hear them in the blogger's own voice. That was the idea behind Ann Imig's brain-child Listen to Your Mother, a mix of live and videotaped performances featuring the writing of motherhood bloggers. ...more

Melissa, the beauty and poignancy of your reading at the 09 keynote has stayed with me--not just ...more

Why I Made A Kid-Free List On Twitter (And What Happened When I Did)

Creating my kid-free list seemed innocent enough to me at the time. I tend to swim in a sea that seems primarily comprised of mommybloggers and daddybloggers, and I was suddenly possessed of the urge to find and collect those out there who fit my particular demographic: people over 30 who do not have children. I intended nothing political by or pre-supposing about it. I simply had the very human desire to see myself reflected out in the world. ...more

Fascinating post, and another good reminder to take a step off the online freakout meter before ...more

If Women Aren't Funny, Then Why Do We Hang Around So Many Clowns?

As the story goes, during the 70’s Gilda Radner would perch on producer Lorne Michael’s lap and coo into his ear during writer’s meetings at Saturday Night Live. And since it was difficult for any member of the highly competitive cast to get their sketches on the air, it was no surprise that Gilda’s always got on. ...more

Awesome behind the scenes view, Suzy. Thanks!!

Another example of chauvanism-lite is how ...more

J. Crew, Boys and Pink Nail Polish

You may have heard of the Fox News doctor/consultant who is taking issue with the current J. Crew catalog photo featuring the president of the company painting her son's toenails pink. THE HORROR! ...more

One of the moments I fell head over heels for my husband when we met, was when he let one of my ...more

Coming to Terms with Not Having Children

On a semi-regular, if not daily basis, I find myself scrolling through the checklist above in my head... as if somehow by thinking about and/or stating only the negative attributes that children bring to a couple's life eases the harsh reality that I, indeed, did not get to decide that I wanted a life without children but rather, the decision was made for me. ...more

Such a brave and important post. I'm sorry for your losses, and grateful for your ...more

Announcing the BlogHer '11 Official Community Party Plan! (And New: No RSVPs Required, Hooray!)

Last year we started a new tradition: The BlogHer Conference Official Party Plan. We began partnering with community  leaders and co-hosting multiple parties per evening, hoping to have, truly, something for everyone who attends BlogHer.We also ensured that any party that occurred within our conference space...this year both the conference hotel and the Convention Center...would be an "official" BlogHer party, and therefore OPEN to any attendee. ...more

Something for everyone! So honored to be a part of this stellar line up. ...more

Less Sex Talk, More Wrinkle Remedies

I’ve been reading magazines a long time and there are some that I’ve gotten too old to enjoy (Seventeen) and some that just aren’t as funny to me today as they were when I was a kid (MAD) — but never in my life have I picked up a magazine and been so alarmed at how little it actually interested me than I was today when I picked up the latest copy of Cosmo.  ...more

Yes yes and yes.

Beej, you are truly ...more

My Daughter's Anxiety: I Know How She Feels

Last week Greta had a sore throat that wasn't going away, so we went to the doctor to get a strep test. We've been at the doctor a lot this winter -- recurring sore throats that are sometimes strep, sometimes not.   We have spent a lot of time sitting in the exam room, waiting for the results of the strep culture. ...more

This is such a great example of how to deal compassionately with your kids while at the same ...more

She Says, "But They're Home With You Now"

I have a condition. A condition called "pre-mourning." I don't call it that, my "expen$ive friend" *coughtherapistcough* does. The lovely lady that I pay a very pretty penny to sit across from me and chat tells me this is the condition I have. I lament the loss of what is to be whilst I have it sitting right in front of me. Pre-mourning. ...more