Being a Type A, crazy overachiever wanna be, it drives me crazy that our families way of life comes down to trial and error. More times than not we are learning from our failures. However you better believe I am determined to get it right.  It is my desire to be an obedient, respectful, and godly wife while simultaneously figuring out how to raise respectful, responsible productive kids who discover and pursue their God-given gifts sooner than later.

Coffee Cups, Aprons, and Baseball

I often think, too much, about the legacy we are leaving our children. I know in my heart our priority is raising our kids to know and love the Lord and everything else will fall into place. I know this. I believe this. I strive for this.I also know having tangible items to pass on is an important way to keep legacies alive. I know this because I wish with all my heart I had more pictures or family treasures of my dad, grandfather and Tia. It would make talking about them a bit easier....more

3o Day Get Fit Challenge

I woke up today and decided things need to change. Like for real this time. I have been half-assing (that’s totally a word right?) my get fit journey for far too long.I have been doing too much thinking, researching, praying, baby-stepping, feeling sorry for myself, planning and not enough doing....more

The Angry Jar

Hmm... -Momo RT dtanton: What do you think of this idea? The Angry Jar ...more

Existing in a World My Dad Doesn’t

Fourteen years ago today my daddy died. The years go by but the story remains the same....more
Another Housewife melaflin  6 months today......hard so hard.  thank you for writing.more

Valentine’s Day 365 Days A Year

I love Valentine’s Day and all of the so-called commercial holidays for that matter. Quite frankly I am tired of all you naysayers pissing on my fun....more

Managing Disappointments

Perfect Super Bowl Snack: BBQ Jalapeno Poppers

Our family loves jalapeño poppers. When I saw this recipe in the Pioneer Woman Cookbook I was excited to give them a try. They were a huge hit during Arizona Cardinal tailgating season....more

Big League Dreaming