Ashley Paige

Let's see. I'm rapidly approaching thirty and weirdly excited about it. I've been known to never turn down a cupcake, a good piece of fiction or well-breathed glass of red wine. I hung my Registered Nurse's hat on a hook back in 2010 when I gave birth to my first baby. I'm now a stay-at-home Mom to two beautifil little boys, living south of the Mason Dixon Line and blogging my way through our many {mis}adventures in parenting! 

"it's Not At All Easy, But It Sure Is A Lot of Fun."

"I'm going to be giving away one of our children today. I hope you don't mind," he said to me over the phone, very nonchalantly, something my husband usually is not. "I just want two of them and right now I would like to give away the almost-middle one."...more

Soaking Up The Moments And Screwing Up The Groove.

I've found myself trying to freeze certain moments to memory these last few days more so than ever before. It's almost as if my subconscious takes over and is all, "STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND REMEMBER THIS. REMEMBER THIS FRAGMENT IN TIME BECAUSE YOU'LL NEVER, EVER GET IT BACK." And I feel like I should be doing more....more

Kids and Kindness. Another Day, Another Random Act.

We are no strangers to acts of kindness around these parts. If you've been following along on our adventures then you may remember the thirty random acts of kindness that my awesome sister-in-law put together for me ...more

36 And A Half Weeks And As Whiny As They Come. But Also... BUNNIES!

I really don't like these kinds of posts. The ones with bullets and brain dumps and a whole bunch of unrelated word vomit. That said, that's about all I'm capable of lately ....more

Finding Joy In The Unexpected {Hospital Stay}

When you're going to the hospital because you're having contractions five minutes a part, don't think, "oh, they'll probably fizzle out once I get there," and grab only your phone charger, slipping on a pair of ratty TOMS on your way out the door....more

Friday Haps. And Why This Post Took Me Two Weeks To Write.

I never meant to stop blogging about my pregnancy, it just sort of happened. The last time I wrote a "bump date" was around twenty weeks. For those that are keeping track, I'm more than halfway through my 33rd week ....more

Stuff Them With Cute. Easter Baskets, That Is!

Growing up our Easter baskets were always the highlight of Easter morning. Second only to finally getting to wear that fancy pair of white patent leather shoes with the slight heel that had been sitting in my closet for months on end that I used to sneak into the bathroom to try on because I wouldn't dare step outside in them before the actual day of Easter. Even though our baskets were mostly filled with candy and school supplies, there was always one or two fun things in there, be it a stuffed animal or brand new swimsuit, that we couldn't wait to tear into ....more

The Magical Burrito of Freedom. Or Something Like That.

A long time ago, back when Mr. AP and I were in college (and if I'm being really honest, for many months after we had both graduated and perhaps even well into our marriage), there were these burritos....more

In The Season Of Raising Little Ones, Would He Still Have Asked Me To?

Some times I have to stop and think if my husband had any idea what he was really getting himself into when he asked me to marry him....more

My One Fear Before Number Three.

Over the weekend, I sat down to a small celebratory brunch with my mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law in honor of baby number three. It was a sweet gathering and a great opportunity for me to sit back and reflect on the time I have left before this baby arrives....more