Claudia Kousoulas

Claudia is a freelance writer, cookbook author, and edotor who blogs at Appetite for Books, where she reviews cookbooks and reports on culinary history and food adventures. As a former president and current board member of the Culinary Historians of Washington, D.C. she contributes to the groups exploration of how foodways in different times and places unites us, divides us, and ultimately defines us.

Her credits include as essay in The Business of Food: Encyclopeida of the Food Industry (Greenwood Publishing, 2008) on SPAM. She wrote Cast Iron Classics for Collector's Press in 2007, which features more than 80 recipes from starters to desserts, that take special savor from grandma's favorite skillet. She is currently developing cookbooks on soups, breads, and desserts. She has interviewed chefs and authors, written features on historical recipes, dinner parties, homemade hot and cold drinks, and more for local and national publications. 

Claudia is a regular contributor to Cookbook Digest, a national publication that reviews and excerpts a selection of current seasonal cookbooks. Other credits include Fresh magazine, Washington Woman, Edible Chesapeake, Mothering magazine, and CHoWline.