For Colored Girls, Miley Cyrus, and The Rest Of Us

Your Destiny Will Compensate You For Your Pain. ~ Max Lucado [Tweet This]...more

Motivation: Your Focus Promotes Fertility

"Wipe The Sleep From Your Eyes!!" ...more

Motivation: You Can Start Living The Dream

Moving forward requires three things: preparation, dedication and revelation. To succeed, you must depend upon God for direction daily. - Thomas Dexter Jakes...more

How To Link Happiness To Success.

Linking your happiness to your success is a process that requires intentional strategy. Nothing works right without a plan...  ...more

Kingdom Royalty in America

All the best to Katie, Prince William, and little George!!Let the kingdom kids arise!!......more

Will Gabrielle Douglas Make Time For A Date?

Being a seventeen year old national Olympic superstar gymnast must lead to a very busy life and a hectic schedule. Scroll through your Facebook news feed and you’ll probably see several events and announcements from the star, most recently her plans to attend Gospel artist Martha Munizzi’s Viva La Woman event with her mom. Empowered is most certainly the best way to live. Will Gabby be empowered in all areas? Even love?...more

Maximize Your Personal Development

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. – Carl Jung...more

Why I Started Blogging

I started blogging because I got started with facebook and I was writing a lot of "Notes". I always kept a journal before then, so blogging was inevitable. All my notes always had an inspirational or empowering ending so I wanted to inspire at a greater level and a bigger platform. The site is its an online journal dedicated to empower, educate, and engage....more

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