Armi Niemi

I'm 45 years old, married, we have one daughter. I'm a blogger.

I enjoy tech stuff, html, making web pages and edit images.My challenge is to learn to write better. People say I should write like I speak. Well, I don't SPEAK English, I mostly write it which makes the spoken English a bit of a challenge to me. But I'm getting there for sure :)

I also like going to a gym and swimming. In the summertime I enjoy gardening.

My blogs are at, , and

Little Witches Of Palm Sunday!

Today is Palm Sunday. We have old traditions in Finland for Palm Sunday. The Palm Sunday is a bit like Halloween for kids here....more

5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity

There are many ways to increase productivity. No matter what it is that you're doing online, these tips will help you no matter what. The truth is that focusing and being right on the edge to succeed online requires for you to think deeply and really stay focused. So, to help you out, here's exactly 5 ways to increase your productivity....more

My First Post At BlogHer

I somehow thought that blog her was about pulling feeds of blogs into. So I haven't written anything here earlier. I need to look around more and get familiar with how things work.Anyhow, I will be spending more time here from now on :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Armi Niemihttp://www.armiexpress.com
Welcome! The best way to get familiar with the site is to scroll down to the bottom right and ...more