Nikki Gardner

"If I were forced to give up every fruit in the whole world but one I would have absolutely no trouble choosing. The lemon wins, hands down." —Laurie Colwin, from More Home Cooking

I carry a book, camera, and pen along with me on my many adventures, which often take place close to home in farm-rich western Massachusetts. As a writer, photographer, and home cook, I document my passion for good food and living. When I'm not exploring the open road, you can find me in the kitchen cooking  sweet and savory vegetarian dishes. Read more about my everyday life at Art & Lemons.

My Blogs

the view from here

Some recent film shot with Impossible color spectra of the annual trek to Cape Cod. Off for more summer fun. See you back here soon ....more

lately in black and white

(before) on the verge of summer with the Yashica Mat 124 | Tri-X 400 ...more

almost there

I’m typing this note with one hand, cradling my sleeping babe with the other. Summer vacation begins soon, which means picnics, novels, sandcastles, afternoons at the lake. A night at the drive-in ....more

cherry almond granola bars (vegan + gluten-free)

I started a recipe journal several years ago. It’s more of a sketchbook than a journal though since most of it is written in code: ingredients list, notes, scratch outs, rewrites, coffee stains, musings. Months go by without pulling it off the kitchen shelf, until the day comes along when I need to make granola bars, stat as the boxed variety just won’t do ....more

look back (summer with the holga)

Hanging out at Mortal Muses today with Holga shots of last summer. Come on over ....more

the poetic

The Poetic Words between the hours, morning. Novels read slower than slow. Letter by letter we advance ....more

‘roid week

Today is the last day of ‘Roid Week 2014 (round one) on Flickr. Polaroid Week dates back to 2006 as a place to celebrate instant film, push the boundaries of Polaroid images, and make some great work in the process. For a quick shot of Friday film inspiration, check out the talent from ‘Roid Week ....more

‘chef,’ an indie culinary comedy

Last week I went to the movies, alone. Alone! It was so decadent ....more

film friday in black and white

Hanging out over at Mortal Muses today with Black & White Impossible Film. Stop by if you like ....more

order in (american hustle and finding vivian maier)

It’s 9:30 a.m. Coffee and water are on the kitchen table along with an empty baby bottle. Last week’s flowers wilt at the stems as pink petals turn pale. High flute notes play from a radio shelved almost out of arms reach ....more