Nikki Gardner

"If I were forced to give up every fruit in the whole world but one I would have absolutely no trouble choosing. The lemon wins, hands down." —Laurie Colwin, from More Home Cooking

I carry a book, camera, and pen along with me on my many adventures, which often take place close to home in farm-rich western Massachusetts. As a writer, photographer, and home cook, I document my passion for good food and living. When I'm not exploring the open road, you can find me in the kitchen cooking  sweet and savory vegetarian dishes. Read more about my everyday life at Art & Lemons.

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Grilled Vegetable Focaccia

What I'm about to tell you will revolutionize your backyard barbecues this summer: pizza on the grill. Imagine, lazy afternoons sipping cocktails with friends and watching the fire dance—no hot kitchen required. Unless you count the bread machine that does much of the prep work for the focaccia. ...more
 @Nobody wants to be Ethel It's something that I never tried when I had a grill, but now I'm ...more

Kitchen Craft: Croutons (Plus a Caesar Salad Recipe)

2012 is going to be big I tell ya, BIG. Lots of videos and crafty projects are on the horizon. Let's not forget about my office cleaning project which might take me the entire month (or more) to sort through and organize but I'm into sweepingly bold statements this month as the shredder hums through old files and magazines in the background....more

hello. i've just arrived.

hello. it's nice to be here and i'm looking forward to getting to know you.   i write about film, food, photos, stories, and travel on my blog:   nikki          ...more