Ashley Jones

Hey I'm Ashley.

Most of my friends just call me Jones.

 I call celebrities by their first names.

I get emotionally attached to fictional TV relationships, and love reality TV.

I'm normally indoorsy, but I'm trying to be more active.

What this means is that I sweat on people in group exercise classes and occasionally kick them in the shins.

And much like most nerdy girls with glasses I personally identify with Liz Lemon.

Watch me as I awkwardly stumble thru life, laughing all the way.

My Blogs

Bravo! I've missed you so...

100 days of blogging is going to have a few gaps obviously because well it's me and I'm flighty. Last night I was thinking about things to write about, because I really want to blog as much as possible....more

Hyperbole & a Half

My favorite blog of all time is "Hyperbole & a Half." Allie Brosh is the genius behind it and is essentially the light of my life....more

Doug...the best in the world

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before but....I have a dog...named Doug. He's essentially the light of my life....more

Will you accept this warrant?

Well y'all we did it.We made it through the worst season ever in the history of everything on Earth.Britney Spears had a better one season reality show with "Chaotic," than this run of the "Bachelor."I gotta say the season finale of this bad boy did NOT disappoint.Leading up to the finale Juan Pablo had zero redeeming qualities left to try to make him desirable.His recent "R" word scandal was probably his last straw.Even Camilla is like "yo...chill."Chris Harrison starts the evening by essentially apologizing for the whole season. Forgive me...Por Favor. He says that there's a lot of debate as to whether JP was there to find love in the first place to which I yelled at my television, "NO HE DID NOT CHRISTOPHER."Chris, obviously having heard me, said that Juan Pablo talked with the producers and had promised them a big surprise.Who knew what that meant but whatever, I love a good hype/surprise so I was in.We deserved a good surprise.We've tortured y'all...we need presents.The first meeting was with Clare.JP talks to his family about her by telling them that she's from Sacramento, CA.She's a hair stylist and that's all he's going to say.He literally said, "and that's all I'm going to tell you."Because apparently, that's enough.Clare arrives overly excited as per usual ....more

Part 2: Andi's Revenge

After the lack luster hometowns I was convinced that the fantasy suites were going to be lame sauce, even with the promise of dramz on dramz on dramz with Andi....more

All Hometowns took place in LAME CITY, amiright?

We are almost to the end y'all and I couldn't be more pumped about it....more

In Miami without the Sound Machine

Last week was kind of the worst. I was so busy and had zero time to do a recap. I don't think for one second anyone was mindlessly hitting refresh for the past 10 days to get my opinion on the New Zealand dates (snoozefest), but I promise never to forgo another week again....more

Juan Pab-no

So we are a halfway through this journey y'all and I gotta tell ya I wish next week was the finale. I am bored. There were many a time during Ben's season where I thought,...more

Seoul Mates (Barf)

I think Sean and Catherine ruined me....more

Oh Juan Pablo...

A lot of people have asked me what I have felt about Juan Pablo's comments this past week. If you haven't heard, when he was asked how he felt about a homosexual or bisexual Bachelor, he said it was be "hard to watch" and then followed up by saying“I respect them, but I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV.” Rough right?...more