Ashley McKenney

Little(mrs)Sunshine was created in 2007 to document what I thought would be my blisstastic adventure through motherhood.  Unfortunately post partum depression and anxiety slapped me in the face soon after the birth of my first daughter.  Since then, its been a catch all;  I blog the good, the bad and the ugly.  I'm proud of my journey and I love sharing it.

And now here's a bullet list (ya, know for the really important stuff)

  • I love Jesus. 
  • I love old names
  • My husband and I are high school sweet hearts
  • I want to write a book
  • I suffered post partum depression with my first daughter
  • I love mojitos
  • A long hippie skirt is just fantastically great.
  • I struggle with anxiety.  every. single. day.
  • I'm a sucker for the beach
  • Disney World is indeed, the happiest place on earth :)

Photography Contest/Link Up! :D

Hey photog lovers of all sorts!  I am thrilled you've found yourself here!  I've been wanting to do a photo/blog link-up for awhile now.  I just recently finished teaching a basic "How to use your SLR" camera course and thought if anything, this would be a great place for the participants in that class to continue to show off their work.  :) ...more

Back To December

Yep I totally stole that from Taylor Swift. This is something I've been wanting to blog about for some time now. The actual event happened back in December. Busy with family, I never got down to writing about it. However, its something I've thought about every day since the incident. ...more
This is a great post!  I know just what you mean.  Thank you for writing this out, it helps me ...more

The Dream Jar

Cheese with a capital "C?"  Perhaps.  But follow me for a second. Do you ever think wild, semi-impossible, pipe dreams? I do.  I totally do. ...more

"Come Away With Me" (says Norah Jones)... Moms: TAKE A BREAK.

I've heard to never start out a piece of writing with the weather stats.  You know, like "It was a cold, December day..."  I don't know why that's a no-no, but I guess I'll stick to it even though my initial thought was to start out with how chilly its been... whatever. ...more

Online Photography Classes, Presented by Sugar Snap Photography!

I'm a mom of 3.  I am busy.  I have little to no time to do anything but throw my hair in a pony tail and scarf down a poptart (which I totally just did).  ...more

The Thankful Tree


When The Wind Blows

Weekend Recap: Hurricane Sandy swept the coast (well 300 miles OFF the coast) of Florida.  It's funny how the energy picks up around here during tropical storms and such.  It's a contagious, electric feel... like we're all waiting for the winds to begin.  I think we got the worst of it Friday night.  And it was indeed, insane windy.  We live in condos that can't be more than  10 years old, and I was sure it was collapsing on us Friday night.  Or at least that's what my anxiety said... ...more

Black & White Photog Tips!

This might appeal to like 10 of you... but I thought I'd post a bit about my photography background (or lack of ;) and give a tip or two.A friend (Manda) texted me this photo of one of my pictures that had been chosen in a contest a year or so ago;  with moving to Florida, I was unable to make the grand opening of the center, thus losing my chance on viewing what the judges had picked.  Here's the picture: (the models are my crazy beautiful cousins, maddie & keegs) ...more

Dear Maeve, You're 5: A Letter to My Daughter

I never thought I'd be tongue tied to write a letter to my own daughter, but here I am, alone in our room, burning the candles she and I just picked out.  "Mama this one smells like cakes!"  "Well its your birthday eve, so a cake candle would be perfect for mama's room!" We held hands tonight, walking through Target, on a mission to simply grab some milk, when I was hit.  Hard.  ...more

Good Morning: Photography Style