Ashley Ormon

I write to empower, inform, and encourage people to live with intention and purpose. And I accidentally on purpose founded Proverbs & Wisdom and IN THE LIGHT Magazine in the process of it all.

My first publication was at age 16 in a poetry anthology. Since then, my work has been published in an international Australian poetry zine, community magazines, and various places online. 

What all bloggers and social media users should know

If you are a blogger, a social media user — frequently, infrequently, or an addict — you need to know something extremely serious.And there isn’t an easy way to say it, so I’ll just tell you straight out.Here it is:What you say in one Facebook post, Twitter update, Instagram text picture, or blog post can change someone’s life — for the best or unfortunately, for the ultimate worse....more
@Debbie Doglady The number of people we can influence via social media is outstanding. Thanks ...more