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Why Your Body Image Effects Your Kids.

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I'm excited to introduce you today to a new shopping experience called Higgle! The first time I browsed around the Higgle website I knew that they were on to something incredible. On the site, you can buy everything you see, at prices that you and others in the community set ....more

Have No Fear, Let Your Light Shine

Shirt design- Jenna Kutcher, Photos- Mallory Fraughton...more

Our 4th in Pictures

This was my first 4th of July with the kids since last year I was on a work trip. We had such a fun day, and I hope you all were able to enjoy a relaxing three day weekend! PS: If you're in Seattle, don't forget that our pop up shop is this Tuesday at 95Yesler from 6-7:30! ...more

Huge Summer Sales!

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I Like It That Way.

iphone pictures- @theshineproject on Instagram This morning started out with a country cooked breakfast at my Great Aunt Lynne's house....more

Wisconsin: Day 1

Harem Pants- Similar TopShop, Top- ℅ Kiki La Rue Yesterday we landed in Wisconsin for our 8 day adventure. We haven't taken an actual family vacation for a while, and I've been so excited to just spend time with my family. The kids have experienced their first plane ride, fish catch, lake swims, and mesquito bites ....more

Dead Man's Float.

We've been working with the kids to get them to be fearless swimmers. Shiloh is a pro now, but Zoe was a little skeptical of the whole getting water in your eyes and mouth and nose and hair deal. Last summer Zoe refused to even put her head under the water ....more

Fit Friday- 3 healthy breakfasts that take less than 5 minutes

3 Quick and Easy Breakfasts Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day; I don’t know how people skip it!...more

Why Working Harder Doesn't Always Work.

Swim Suit- ℅ The Candy Strand, Bag- ℅ Better Life Bags ((you can get 20% off of these suits right now with code Shine20… I love mine!)) This week is our two year anniversary for Threads and I've been thinking back to things I've experienced and learned this past year.There's something I'm still learning, but I have realized how incredibly important it is: TO RELAX. I've learned that working smarter, not harder, is the golden ticket to making things happen. We live in a time where people are always in a hurry, there's always more to see and do and hear, and we fear if we slow down that we will lose this race that we've created for ourselves....more